Song Premeire: Ross Cooper Shares "All She Wrote"

Ross Cooper - Photo by Jodie Domingue

Former professional bareback rider Ross Cooper is prepping the release his debut album, I Rode The Wild Horses, on March 9th. Produced by Eric Masse (Miranda Lambert, Rayland Baxter), I Rode The Wild Horses features contributions from Erin Rae on vocals, Jeremy Fetzer of Steelism on guitar, Eli Beard on bass, Tommy Perkinson on drums, Skylar Wilson on keys, and Eddy Dunlap on pedal steel. The twelve-track collection captures the life of a road weary cowboy via well-crafted story songs replete with shimmering pedal steel, rocking guitar riffs, soulful keys, and beautiful harmonies. Today, Cooper shares another track from the forthcoming record entitled, “All She Wrote.” Penned by Cooper and Benjy Davis, the layered and airy, yet somber,  “All She Wrote” strikes a chord, as it reminds us of the importance of not taking the people in our lives for granted lest we lose them forever.



“If you ever loved me, let me go/Well, I read it about a thousand times or so/No second chances/No X’s no O’s/No maybe baby hold out for hope/And that was all she wrote.”

Cooper relays the story behind the song, “That morning I left the house for our write and my girlfriend had left me a really nice and sweet note.  A positive affirmation.  I was running a little behind, and she leaves a lot of notes like that for me, so I just kind of put it in my pocket and carried on.  I remembered it when I was pulling into the parking lot and took it out and read it.  It made me feel really lucky for what I had.  When we sat down to write, I couldn't help but think, "What if that note that I'd shoved in my pocket hadn't been a good one?" and that was the idea for the song.  It wasn't so much a retelling of what happened, but a reflection of what could happen if you don't take care of the ones you love.”  

Listen to the track above and for more information visit HERE