Song Premier: Wise Old Moon - Don’t Take Off

Wise Old Moon is a band with a penchant for a great groove and introspective, catchy songwriting painted over a rootsy, warm tapestry of sound. The Connecticut based quartet is set to release their sophomore album and while the band has undergone some changes since it’s first record, their ability to craft meaningful, memorable songs continues to ring true. That evolution has allowed songwriter and frontman Connor Millican to adapt and develop his own voice while utilizing the voices of the musicians around him. He states of the record “This collection of songs is something we are all really proud of, and the title of the album Don’t Take Off is inspired by the new members of the band who have helped me take take this into a direction I could not have envisioned a couple years ago when I started Wise Old Moon. ”

The title track off of the record “Don’t Take Off” has a live and airy vibe to it. Almost as if you just walked in on a house party that the band is playing at as your eyes dance around the room, taking in the characters filling the room. Millican’s signature howl is ever present throughout the track over the cry of Dan Liparini’s steel guitar playing and a solid rhythm backbone courtesy of the drums and bass player Sean Rubin. The songwriter has an uncanny way of penning an incredibly honest, real and raw song while making it all extremely enduring and uptempo. But don’t take my word for it, check the latest track from Wise Old Moon out for yourself:

The band in it’s current form (with Connor Millican on guitar and vocals, Dan Liparini on steel/lead guitar, Sean Rubin on bass, and Stephen Cusano on drums) will be performing a very special Concert Window event in support of this new record to give listeners a chance to preview the entire album before it comes out. Millican told us “We’ll be hosting an online concert on October 7th, and will offer opportunities to pre-order the album before anyone else with a small donation.”
Artist Wise Old Moon