Song Premiere: Brandon Luedtke "By The Light Of The Moon"

Courtesy of the Artist

Hailing from Texas, Brandon Luedtke began writing songs when he was given his first guitar at age twelve. Since then, he resided in Nebraska and NYC, later settling in Austin where over the last seven years, the singer-songwriter and musician has played in bands like Roosevelt's Goody Bag, Honey Baby, and briefly with Shane Smith and the Saints on the fretless bass. More than ever, Luedtke has been honing his craft by writing and performing songs centered around his acoustic guitar and voice - carrying the torch of the Texas troubadour forward.

Earlier this year, Luedtke finished his debut LP, Morning Light, and ND is pleased to premiere one of the album's tracks, "By The Light of The Moon." Joined by players, Bob Hoffnar, Horti (Whiskey Shivers), Merey (Mother Merey and the Black Dirt and Magnolia), Jordan Moser, and Okie Weiss, "By The Light Of The Moon" is a simply charming, pedal steel-led, harmony-filled tune reminiscent of the Country of yesteryear. Stream the track below then read on as Luedtke gives insight into the story behind the song.


Luedtke gives some insight into the story behind the song,

"A week or two before the recording of this album was to begin, I was at a restaurant in south Austin a bit before noon, and I saw a country band setting up as they began to open the bar. You can tell a lot by the way people carry themselves at any given time of course and that is especially true of musicians setting up to play. The band looked nervous except the drummer, who looked still asleep under his cowboy hat, and the pedal steel player who seemed to unfold the legs of his instrument and plug everything in with the precision of a military exercise. 

Knowing I was wanting some pedal steel on the album, I went up and asked him about that before I’d even heard him play. He handed me his card and eventually they got started. I left not long after that, but at least he sounded good. 

“By the Light of the Moon” is the most country song on the album I guess. I recorded it with friends and the friends of friend’s who were exceptionally kind. The one exception there was that pedal steel player, Bob Hoffnar, who it turns out recorded with all kinds of acts, from Cyndi Lauper to The Band, & Ryan Adams, too. Townes did "I'll Be There in the Morning" so I took up the graveyard shift in by the light of the moon."

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