SONG PREMIERE: Kellen of Troy will "Rule Your Heart" on lush new track

​Kellen Wenrich. Photo by Melissa Madison Fuller

Once a fiddler with Apache Relay, multi-instrumentalist Kellen Wenrich begins his solo career as Kellen of Troy with his debut LP, Posthumous Release (out February 16th). The upcoming release finds the singer-songwriter mellow, focused, and rich with realization in songs where blissful folk melodies are juxtaposed with reflective, vulnerable, and somber lyrics that pull from the personal and professional.

Today, Kellen of Troy shares the new song, “Rule Your Heart,” a cleverly crafted indie-pop gem with a spacious melody that floats alongside Wenrich’s honest, endearing vocals. Wenrich, who is happily married, says the song is about my beautiful, brilliant, compassionate, talented, bad-ass wife and how I don't really care about what anybody thinks of me besides her. Also, how I don't really care to do or be anything else besides her husband.” Adding, “Full-disclosure, she is sitting next to me right now, but that in no way has influenced my answer.”

Wenrich further details the story behind the tune,“I first wrote, "Rule Your Heart" while on a bit of a bender in the UK. The original lyrics were a self-deprecating take on partying too much, and they were terrible. I quickly scrapped them and forgot about the tune. A couple months later a friend brought her friend over to my house for a belated birthday party. The friend of a friend and I quickly fell in love, and she's now my afore-mentioned wife. During our courtship, I remembered that terribly worded yet catchy melody I wrote overseas and reconstructed it as a love song.”


"The only power that I wish to wield/Cannot be found in some ivory tower/I wanna rule your heart, my dear"



While Kellen of Troy pulls from varied influences including Neil Young, The Beatles, and Big Star, Wenrich cites completely different ones for “Rule Your Heart.” He notes, “Well, obviously my wife influenced the tune. But musically I was influenced by the puppetry of Vladimir Nabokov novels, western harmony, white male privilege (this coming from a white male), and England's universal healthcare....”


Enjoy the track above.

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