Song Premiere: Pedigo's Magic Pilsner "Orion"

Credit: Casey Kinney

The upcoming full-length self-titled release from Dallas singer-songwriter John Pedigo's new outfit, Pedigo's Magic Pilsner, may feature characters whose situations seem bleak; yet it ultimately emanates hope, focusing on embracing the varied parts of life, both the unsavory and the sweet, with a welcome dose of realism and wit. From the story of the stand-up comic ("The Comedian") to the surprisingly sing-along-able tale of divorce ("Garage Sale"), Pedigo's tunes blend astutely crafted, detailed lyrics with accents of bright horns, banjo, and driving drums all of which are held anchored by the classic coupling of acoustic guitar and keys.

Today, Pedigo shares the project's opening track, "Orion." Launching with the call of a siren, and slightly ominous banjo, the piano-led "Orion" is all at once complex, ethereal, elegant, and substantive; provoking thought about the choices and situations in daily life, and accepting the fact you have to accept difficulties and carry on, perhaps even with a newfound sense of optimism.

Pedigo had this to say about the track, "Orion is a thematic overture. It questions quandaries like the futility and repetition of daily life, fate vs. chance, loneliness, faith, faithlessness, and abandonment. There are a few pieces of ‘furniture’ throughout the song: The constellation Orion is a sad reminder of things that seemingly never change. You have a gypsy who relies on cards to determine her future, but isn’t that just chance? There’s a stranded man who is lost and calling out for help. In the end, you need to let go of the negative and move forward, but it’s not easy. Again, these themes are returned to throughout the album. This is, of course, what it means to me. I’m sure that everyone who listens to it will interpret it in their own way, and that is what’s really important. It’s a heavy song to me that’s obscured in a way." 

Listen to the track above. For more information visit HERE.

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