A Song For You: Meaning In Imagery

C'mon. This has been suggested for a year now. It's an easy fix; separate pic from article posts. I post a recent article and this is what I see:

















And Terry's and Frank's just posted (both excellent pieces) don't even show up!


I've voiced the same concern/complaint numerous times. I guess a picture (photo) is worth a thousand words. Sigh.


Yet ironically, you can't upload those pictures. And I don't use Instagram which ND recommends (read this from the Washington Post about giving away all rights to your pictures using Instagram, and how some are taking monetary advantage of your shots: Fortunately I have web space and can FTP to it, but not many here probably do, and it's a pain to upload to another server, locate the URL and paste it in here. For cripes sake, just get a dedicated image server, but been down that road too.

I have complained about the dominance of photos and videos in the "recent posts" listing . . . more than once.  And I'm certainly not the only one.  I don't understand what the problem is.  This should be a simple fix, and it would greatly improve the site.

If tech won't deal with the issue, perhaps at least take a look at the activity of a few. This person, for example, does nothing but use ND of his own photo gallery, no other content. Is he on staff?


We've heard you and everyone else on this, and our dev team (two people) has been prioritizing changes and enhancements. This has been a persistent complaint but wasn't the biggest fish to fry. Regardless, I believe it has been dealt with for the next release, which is being developed and tested now. And yes, C. Elliott (a woman) is on contract as our photo editor.

Hi Will,  Technical issues aside, I enjoyed the read about Gram's great, "Song For You."  I always get a lot out of the thought and insight you put into your Gram writing. If you're being an English teacher, its a very cool one I never had!  thank you..

Well I appreciate all three of your posts Terry ;) - I'm probably out of here again for awhile if not for good (I know a couple of us keep threatening that, I suppose thinking there's always hope). Your ability to write (well) "on demand" is inspiring, and I'm afraid I don't have that ability. I can only write when I have something to say, which may just not be as often as others. It's a rare gift. Cheers and see you this Fall.

Very nice piece, Will. Love the Faulkner quote.

Terry's pieces are great, too - he manages to be prolific without being prolix. It always feels like there's something to be said, not just someone saying it.

But don't leave, Will - come back to the raft agin, Huck honey. Life would be lonely here without you, even if you feel the need to take an occasional hiatus, like some of the rest of us.  And give a shout if you end up making a NorCal visit on the latest GramFest expedition.

Where there's life there's hope.

Thanks Paul, you're a damn fine writer yourself, and I do hope it takes one to know one. Terry amazes me with his ability to flush it out with meaning and no filler, and basically on demand. And I appreciate the sentiment, but I have had just too much crap from, well it would be insulting I suppose to say, at Corporate to put up with this. At Corporate they would just tell the VP this is the way it is, and of couse the VP would have no way to say, that's bullshit, just get it done (actually if they did the VP in charge of the other group usually won out). And there'd always be some sort of non-technical "mouthpiece" that the guys in the back would have to relay the message just right. Of course, if I called them on it, which I sometimes did, my job, which was usually halfway between tech and actual communication, was in jeopardy. So now that I'm not at Corporate (for now and hopefully never again), I ain't putting up with that kind of bullcrap, as we used to call it down on the farm, especially if I'm not being paid to swallow it. As for, I'm afraid the most north we will get from Newport Beach will be Morro Bay to visit some old friends of the wife; hey, that's halfway if you feel like taking a cruise down the Coast! Otherwise, you and Terry and Ed and a few others here, hang in there, the revolution starts... now? 

So that you know, I feel your pain and echo your frustration. While I have an 'official column' like Terry, Lee, Ted and's a 'now you see it, now you don't' situation. The layout and oganization of the site, as well as how things are positioned and featured, might look good for an instant, but don't seem to offer much in terms of longeviy, stickiness and a vibrant discussion like we used to see. And while I totally understand what Kim means about having priorities and a lack of resources to get it all done, that doesn't quite take the sting out of it you posted would seem like a relatively easy fix to address the multiplicity of photo posting. 

Anyway, we've gone down this path before where you, me and others have felt that nobody is listening or that they are being unappreciative of ideas and comments. I don't exactly buy into the concept of this being 'Corporate' though...nor do I think it's all granola and sunshine either. Hope you hang around Will...we haven't always agreed on things but I always have valued your posts, thoughts, comments and contributions. Maybe its pie in the sky and wishful thinking, but I think one day soon somebody might figure this thing out and it'll become one helluva site. 

We're getting close to figuring it out, I think. It's been a learning curve. But I think you, Ed (and all the columnists, and I, for that matter) will be happy with how freakishly visible columns will be on the next release, which as I mentioned is being dev'd and tested now. I've tested some of it and it's really getting there. Infinitely easier to find columnists work, and to ... stay abreast, for lack of a better phrase. I can't go into detail, but details will be announced shortly.

There's a catch-22 in this business where we could be on this site all the time (as I used to be) assuring you we hear your concerns and are working on them, and are engaging in a long game of trial and error until we get things exactly right before we release them to you ... or we can focus all our time on working on these things. I apologize if we haven't communicated that well, but we have heard all these things, they have been logged and kept track of. And if you knew how many times Shelley has brought up the issue of photos in the latest activity feed in our meetings, your heart would grow three sizes for "corporate" (which we are, of course, very very much not corporate). But we've decided instead to sink our resources into getting the work done, however long it takes. Some people may not want to be patient, and may disappear for a while and then come back and then go away. But hopefully at the end of the day there are enough patient people to keep this site trucking, to have faith that we're doing our damnedest and it's important to us to maintain a small team and not become corporate, and that the drawback to that is that these things take time (and lots of behind-the-scenes debate).

Long story short, we do hear you. And we are working on it. And I know that saying that repeatedly may not get the message across, so we'll have to just hope you're happy with the next release. But even if you're not, we'll be listening and continuing to work.

Thanks Ed. To be clear, I wasn't saying that the new ND is "Corporate" (as I think I noticed someone suggested and it caused a stir) but that I've experienced all this, because of my roles, at Corporate. I do realize these folks are into the music (not necessarily the kind I'm mostly into, I'm more into the Blues Magoos ;) as much as (at least) the coding. I've worked with some of the best coders at Gannett and other large corporations (besides being in the web design business starting back in the 90s). I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that, as Willie once said on an SNL skit, "but they was good people." I'm just saying the tactics they are using are somewhat less than honest. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that changing the coding to segregate out the new photo posts is a 10-minute job (if photo, then=no), a timeframe that does not need to be "prioritized." Just do it. Again, I wish y'all the best, I just can't take it; I walked away from our local Gannett affiliate (it was like an out-of-body experience, just kept sitting in the chair in the station manager's office after a nationwide conference call, and said, I think I'm quitting). Other times trying to get things done by suggesting, based on knowledge, that something was not a three-month timeframe got me into trouble; you may know what you're saying, but mind your own business. So just throw Hank at me: If you mind your own business you sure won't be minding mine. That I understand and will obey, 'cause you know what? This ain't a job and shouldn't feel like one. Again my best to all. I'll see you on the highway no doubt.

I was slow writing the above but had not seen Kim's or Terry's current comments. I'll just end with the above. I'm just not buying it. But there is also the platform they are using, which to their credit, they really can't do much about. It's worse than Ning, which is saying something. Over and out.

Well thank you Paul and Will for the praise.  I especially appreciate the 'proflic without being prolix' comment!   I do hope you stick around Will...I'm in favor of a hiatus as Paul mentioned. But, even though you don't write many articles, I do enjoy your comments. I must admit I have a hard time following everyone's objections to various issues here at ND.  When I look out at the rest of the media world, and the world-at-large, things are overall so much better here......But, we need to hear the objections to help make the site run more effciently.....If you leave, Will...I do hope you come back!  

Hey got it up to 217 views, probably mainly for the unrelated comments, that's all that counts at my Corporate!


You too Hal buddy, do us proud!

Must be up to 220 views and that is about 219 times more than most of the photos are viewed. 


239 actually.

I wondered if the "you" in the song was his sister written for her as he moved away leaving her behind.  The other allusions being to shared experiences, places etc.

There's a lyrical style which references things which themselves allude to feelings so written down it doesn't make a lot of sense but sung you feel you know what it's about at a non-literal level.  This is one of them.  Seen a number of acts sing it over the years - always as a male/female duo.

@Like. Also don't know if you've seen my interpretation of Wild Horses being about Little Avis, and obviously written by Gram. Get's a ton of hits on my blog; perhaps I should post it here. Been too quiet.

Oh please do.  There's a lot of blah blah around now with the Sticky Fingers re-issue which it might be cool to incorporate and/or critique.

Alright will put up later today. It's been too quiet around here.

Funny when I tried to sing Wild Horses (just to myself!) the other day, A Song For You came out... I loved you every day and now I'm leaving...  I think you may be correct about Little Avis, at least another interpretation besides what I offered.

I'm getting hits galore btw on the Wild Horses thing (def the most read piece on my blog), which was just kinda fun when I wrote it. Wonder if they'll allow it here! 

But I'll let you incorporate the Sticky Fingers re-issue info. Where's the best place to go for info on that iyo?

There's a big feature including Jagger interview in the new (July 2015) issue of Uncut.

[I did and now over 36,000 views, 5/4/17]