SPOTLIGHT: The Old 97’s and 25 Years of Accepting the Next Challenge

One of my very favorite bands.  I've only been able to see them once though.  Need to see them again.

Great live band...

They too are one of my favorite bands but Miller's "The Messenger" gets my disappointment of the year award.

In what way?  Too mellow?  I've only listened to it once and was distracted at the time.

Obviously opinions can change. I listened semi-distracted to it ~ 3 times.  Asked my better half what she thought and the consensus was "eh".

If it was my intro would I become a fan (want more)?  Listenable, sure but that is faint praise. But as a fan of the band it struck me as a place holder until there were more Old 97 songs, while in contrast Rhett's "solo" disc with Black Prarie was excellent. Let me know what you think upon deeper listening Matthew.