Texan Songwriter Eddie Lott Campaigns for Debut, Blame It on My Wild Soul

Eddie Lott is a Dallas-based songwriter in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of his first studio-produced album, Blame It on My Wild Soul. Normally, I don’t cover artists before their work is a finished product, but I decided to make an exception in this case. I have chosen to do so on the uncommon promise I hear when I listen to songs from Eddie Lott’s Soundcloud page (some of the very songs that will be refined with a quality production and musicians should the funding be met), and I believe his pensive and powerful wayfaring folk tunes are a solid fit within the No Depression community. Lott conveys a distinct voice and storytelling prowess in songs that have gotten their claws in me and have compelled me to listen more intently and embrace the journeymen at the core of his music. Lott, winner at the 2013 Dallas Songwriter’s Association competition, dubs the songs of Blame It on My Wild Soul “country music for lost souls,” an apt categorization that should yield intriguing results with the guidance of Austin-based producer and musician Bryan Ray (Lonely Child) once his campaign is successful. For more information on Eddie Lott, his music and the recording progress of Blame It on My Wild Soul, visit his Kickstarter page.