These are your 2018 International Folk Music Awards Winners

Wow. That is pretty f*cking odd that Peter, Paul and Mary received the Lifetime Achievement Award (Living). I assume Mary Travers did not attend since she died in 2009?  

Two out of three are still alive and performing, so that’s why they’re classified as ‘living’. But if it’s any consolation, on the list of past recipients Pete Seeger is notated as still walking amongst us. Can’t keep an old folkie down. 

Your comment brings to mind a twist on the Ship of Theseus. How many band members can you replace and it still be the band? Ringo? Sure, still the Beatles.  Could Mick and Keith tour as the Stones? Not sure. Jethro Tull without Ian Anderson?  Nope. Could Don tour as the Everly Brothers? 

Is The Artist Formerly Known As R Mutt the same as R Mutt?

Is No Depression still No Depression?

Great to see Rhiannon Giddens win album of the year. And why couldn’t she have sung the national anthem at the NBA All Star game rather than Fergie?

R Mutt is in fact The Artist Formerly Known as R Mutt.

No Depression is no longer No Depression.

Yes, Rhiannon Giddens deserved album of the year (living).


What does Sponsored by: mean?

Not that I expect an answer (except perhaps from the peanut gallery).