Time to Pick Your Favorite Albums from 2018

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Works now.  So, hard to narrow to just 10!

I got them to add the Cody Jinks 'Lifers' album to their list.  I also suggested the Mike and the Moonpies 'Steak Night at the Prairie Rose', and the Great Peacock: 'Gran Pavo Real' albums.  No success so far.  If anyone else feels that either or both of those albums deserve a place on the list of candidates, please email 'em in!  No Dep says they're more likely to add albums that get multiple requests.  The Moonpies album is on my own top 10 list, so I'd particularly like to see it added (take a listen if you don't know it - - it's great, imho).   I'm holding off actually doing my own voting until the last minute to see what all gets added.

I have the Cody Jinks and Moonpies albums and they certainly deserve a place on the list.  I'm guessing they'll get them on there eventually.  I've asked them to put Starfire by Caitlyn Smith on the list and I don't see it yet.  I've asked in past years for missing albums to be added and they have always been added.  I see that Cliff Westfall's Baby You Win is on there, and that's a straight country album that's more obscure than the two you mention, I think.  The Moonpies album almost makes my top ten.  Lifers is a very good album, but not my favorite by him.  That would be I'm Not The Devil.  Wouldn't argue with anyone putting it in their top ten, though.

'Starfire' is up on the list now.   

I like the Cliff Westfall album well enough, but it feels like most of the rougher & rowdier edges have been sanded smooth, especially compared to the Mike & the Moonpies album.   And yeah, 'Lifers' ain't Cody's best album, but it'll likely stay in my top 10 - - if not, a definite top 20.

Btw, have you heard the "Ode To Cody Jinks" song?  Deryl Dodd does it.  It's pretty good.

Mike and the Moonpies is there now.

Yep - - I could now do my current (but still not "final final") top 10 in full.  Glad No Dep pays attention!  heh.

I'd suggest everyone leave their lists here in the comments as well. You could rank them if you want, or add some insight as to why you picked them. You know when you see a list, and 5 or 6 selections you totally agree with, but the others you haven't heard....those are the ones you want to check out.


Hi, every year you forget some of the year´s greatest albums

- Kacey Chambers - Campfire ( with a wonderful duet with

                              Emmylou Harris )

- Lucinda Willams - Vanished gardens


Reiner Kruger, Berlin/Germany

You can find 'Vanished Gardens' under "Charles Lloyd" - - Lucinda's a prominent guest on the album, rather than the lead artist.   I thought maybe you'd missed the Kasey Chambers album because you were looking at Ka"C"ey instead.  But I didn't see it under Kasey either, so I'll second your request for that one.  It's not in my own top 10 but it should be on the list of candidates for sure.

Ashley Mcbryde is great.

Can you add Rich Krueger's first album of 2018 "Life Aint That Long." Nevermind, just realized it came out in 2017, although it was one of my favotites in 2018.

My 10 in no particular order were:

Things Change - American Aquarium

By the Way, I Forgive You - Brandi Carlile

Passwords - Dawes

Ruins - First Aid Kit

See You Around - I'm With Her

Warm - Jeff Tweedy

Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves

I'll Be Your Girl - The Decemberists

Back Roads and Abandoned Motels - The Jayhawks

Life Is Good on the Open Road - Trampled By Turtles


A few excellent albums I was suprised weren't on the provided list:

Be More Kind - Frank Turner

Golden Age - Houndmouth

Moroccan Ballroom - Katie Toupin

Vide Noir - Lord Huron

C'est la Vie - Phosphorescent