Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Easy Ed's Broadside

Exploring music without a map.

Since 2009, Ed has shared his thoughts on ND about music that touches him, and rambled hither and yon about what else is on his mind.

Together Again

Thanks again for another interesting read.  I'm not sure why ND doesn't give columns more exposure and feature them longer.  It is odd that stories promoting albums and tour dates are the headliners.  I guess it is the push towards short form and save the "good stuff" for the print edition.  

On another note...

Maybe Trump will invite OJ to the White House. If he does I'd advise him to not give OJ a sharp steak knife to slice up his well-done steak (with ketchup).  But then again OJ might bring his own knife.


Glad you enjoyed it. This column will likely vaporize. Not only won't it be featured beyond today, but you'd think they'd at least post it on their Facebook page instead of links to other sites. But I'm happy with just coming up with something that doesn't read like the same old thing that everybody else writes, whether ten people read it or twenty thousand. 

Ed, are you saying you are not going to continue the column, or just lamenting the way the site is disorganized?

I was referring to this particular column. And also lamenting. Imagine have a website that you pay people to contribute stories. Yet, you don't feature it more than a day on your front page, and don't bother to promote it on your Facebook page...where you get the majority of your page views from. Instead, you post articles from NPR and Rolling Stone. It can get you a bunch of 'likes' which I guess feels good, but you're doing a disservice to your own website and being disrespectful to the writers you've hired. I'm sorry to air this publicly, but I do still care about ND and the current decision making process seems like a boat that lacks both rudder and oars. 

I couldn't agree more EasyEd. Cutting and pasting tour dates with a paragraph doesn't make an interesting read (or a story for that matter). Nothing against the current story teller but why are 12 posts in a row featured as the headline story.  The boat lacks rudder and oars and it is taking on water.  Or maybe the captain fell overboard. 

Clam strips.

I think we all care.  It is sad to see the ship sink. Freshgrass should really stop using the banner No Depression.  They bought the name but the menu isn't the same.  To quote you "Don't fuck it up".  To quote me "They fucked it up".  No wonder Grant, Peter and Kyla don't ever stop by.  And I could name many many other contributors that added some life and laughs AND quality writing to this now moribund site. 

Wild Horses.




Good.  For a minute I thought you were punting on the whole thing.  The departed folks who misdesigned this iteration of the site could've fallen out of a boat and not gotten wet. But they are gone and the subscription money is here, hopefully some of it will be used to un-embalm this website, which, er, could be great again.

I'm not sure EasyEd can leave even if he wants to. Raina hasn't contributed a post in over a year and she is still listed as having a column every other Wednesday!  


I've said it before, I'll say it again, I always thought Ed wrote Raina's columns.

Hopefully. But here's a tidbit with an almost White House bit of intrigue. On the ND Facebook page tonight is a link to a very good, well written story about David Rawlings. (I'll probably also share it on my own FB page.) It was published by Rolling Stone. It was written by a favorite writer of mine, Brittney McKenna. In addition to her freelance work, Britt is also the ND social media manager. And with that, say goodnight Gracie. 

We moved around a lot growing up, Buffalo was the longest stop, and for me it's where I grew up. When we moved to suburban Amherst in September 1971 (6th grade for me, and, coincidentally, about a mile from where Will James aka Cosmic America Music lived, though I didn't learn that until the ND website went up)  the Bills were still playing at the old "Rockpile" and lacking a decent practice facility of their  own, frequently used our nearby rec center for practice. We'd ride our bikes the mile and a half to the rec to watch practice, which is where we could see and chat with OJ (he was friendly to kids and there was no security for us to run around like there would be today).   He'd tap us on the heads, ask a few questions and move on to other folks. My brother still has his autograph somewhere. He lived about a mile or so from us in a different direction so we'd see him around town during the season, usually driving a white convertible, a Lincoln I think, often with Ahmad Rashad or another player. He was then married to his first wife, Margerite, and I recall rumors even then that he had a temper and was maybe hitting her. Whatever the case, having been around OJ a number of times as a kid, it made the slow speed chase in the white Bronco all the more surreal, and I wondered back to those rumors about him and his first wife. A Chicago Sun Times sportswriter, Rick Telander, has for years been reporting on CTE, the brain injury suffered by so many football players. He wondered in a column if OJ's behavior was the result of having that condition but given the early rumors I'd guess he leaned abusive anyway. It could explain Trump's behavior though, but I think the technical diagnosis in his case is "bonkers". 


Rick Telander...fine writer...I used to read him a lot...

Nice reminiscense of Buffalo, Jack...I'm sure that was a huge deal for a kid in those days...

Might be on to something regarding Trump. Before daddy bailed him out of the Atlantic City casino fiasco, he must have been banging his head against the wall. 

A great pic and a fine Broadside Ed...quite the life that song has had...I missed several of those versions...I think we all feel that the "White Bronco" chase and the OJ trial are sort of surreal moments in our personal history, for reasons that may be different for each of was reality TV in the purest sense...and I think you could easily make the argument that it was a major trigger in the rise of social media and the fascination with reality TV...and the Kardashians are still at the apex of all if that's in the neighborhood of where you were headed, that would have made a fine column too...but for today, glad the music took you away...

You can always write that column if you are of a mind to...maybe you can hold off till the impeachment and the probation violation...


It's been written endlessly how OJ's ride and trial gave birth to reality TV. But I actually think it went further than that, with many tentacles that touched all areas of culture and politics. There's many insertion points when it comes to the downturn of music...beyond the business aspect...but I find OJ's odyssey marks the beginning. Along with 9/11 and the rise of Trump's nationalism, it's the perfect triangulation. Or so it seems to me. 

I was at a concert and the performer mentioned 11/9. I thought he had inverted the numbers 9/11. Then it hit me. That's the day "we" woke up and realized we had elected the 45th most presidential President. Post 9/11 and post 11/9 indeed. 

Fine reading Ed.

Sin City will always remind me of harmonizing with my sister in our Madrid apartment.

Good times.



Your neighbors were fortunate. 

I stopped subscribing to Rolling Stone years ago (when I found No Depression).   Perhaps it is time to reconsider even if it isn't printed on high-end organic edible paper.

It is indeed curious that the NoDep social media manager can't find enough content on our own site to promote. Must admit that the Rolling Stone Country site seems to cover Americana...whatever that is...better that we do here. 

True alas...

Geez, and people say I'm the negative one!

So does ND alumnus Alan Harrison:

And exiled Gillian Turnbull:

C'mon.  Make it easy for us!

Some things don't change...

Which reminded me of those  wacky halcyion days when we thought of this site as a community site with a team that cared what readers thought/wanted.