Trusting the Muse

Here is a little video of David singing that song...


You let me drift off for a couple minutes thinking back to my own similar experiences.

Thanks for sharing such a personal moment.  David is a long time favorite of mine, and I can see how his music could put you in a comtemplative place, as it certainly has done that for me...I've seen him live more times than I can count, November 8th this year was likely the 15th/16th time, and he is always wonderful, and at his best transcendant...he often says when he performs live that the real meaning of the song reveals itself over time...that it can seem to be about one thing, but later on, he realizes that it is about something else or something more...and of course, it may mean something else, or more personal to you or used the music to clear your mind at first, and only realized after the weight of the task at hand had been  lifted that the words were speaking directly to or about your life at that moment.

I certainly can't speak for David, but he does refer to the power of songs to heal, soothe, inspire, comfort, commiserate, as Musical Medicine...he has most of his catalog on his website arranged in catagories so that you can listen(free) to a song that corresponds to what you are feeling or may need at the time...for what it is worth...I usually just get the CD out myself, but that is there for people who need it.

Thanks for shining a light on a wonderful artist, and for illustrating how music speaks to us all on some sort of deeper, subconscious you noted "truth in seed form".


Thank you for your comments! I first heard David with Eye of the Hurricane, and have followed him for years. I need some time to write a longer piece on him. I have a lot of things I want to write, but time is always an issue I have to face. 

The longer piece really is about his lyrics. There are some very specific instances when the lyrics hit almost too close to home, although I am always glad they do. A small example, my daughter was in a car accident in which she broke all three bones in her left leg. A compound fracture. A year or so later David trots out "In the Broken Places." Very specific lyrics. Amazing. I feel he should be awarded some sort of national award just for his lyrics alone. Like he says in one of the songs, "you make it look easy."



I agree with you...his ability to tap into something directly via lyrics is amazing...I have had similar experiences with his music..."Young Man Dies", "Slipping Through My Fist", "Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song", "Kindness", "Farthest Shore", "Common as the Rain", "Someday Soon", "River Run Dry"...all tapped right into specific situations going on with me or people in my life, my history...amazing it is...

And then, as a life time guitar player, there is all the crazy stuff he does with open tunings (he sometimes plays in open tunings that aren't any of the ones most of us know, he just makes them up), playing with two capos...he's a wonderful musician as well, and again, he has his own map for that...his chord voicings aren't like most other players, and his music and lyrics are better for it...

You write very well...I would encourage you to write the "longer piece" you are contemplating, as time the meantime, again, thanks for this...

Thanks again for your kind words. I am trying to get a better grip on my schedule... my wife and I have been talking about renting a cabin and having a writers retreat. Joe

Lovely piece. Let me echo what Jim said: Keep writing.