Twenty Years with The Bottle Rockets: A Conversation with Brian Henneman

You gotta like a guy who's "hooked" on Doug Sahm.

I had a "1,000 Dollar Car" .  And knew the "Kid Next Door".  Great band.

And Brian's right. It's all just Rock n Roll at the end of the day.  If it Rocks it Rocks. Like Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture!

Waiting for the new one.

I saw them open for John Fogerty sometime in the 90s at the Bakersfield Fox Theatre, the best live music venue in the San Joaquin Valley.  They looked more like punk rockers than anything else and all their amps and instruments looked like they came out of pawn shops. It was straight ahead high voltage distorted rock and roll with some country sounding licks here and there. Then I saw them on a pbs special about the Mississippi River playing acoustic guitars and mandolins. Been diggin' them fukkers ever since.....