Two Buskers: Me and Pete Seeger

Artist Casey NeillPete Seeger
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The "Guy" referenced in Pete's letter is actually Guy Davis, who had a track on the compilation in question.

Glad you all enjoyed this and huge thanks to Kim!!!

Chris - I was in the SW in April (though no Phoenix date). The tour went really well and we're planning on a bigger swing through this Fall. Venues you like? Casey

great story Casey! That's some rarefied down home air you were sharing with an American treasure!

Saw you in ABQ couple of years back! Hope you include the PHX area on a tour soon. 

What an amazing experience that must have been, and a treasure of a memory that must be.  Thank you for sharing it.  

I once hiked up the Mountain next to Pete house with one of his dogs that followed us as we passed by.  He was a fine companion as well.  Great stuff Casey - thanks for posting here. 

I really enjoyed this post Casey...thanks for sharing your story with us.

"Old man strong"  Don't we all wish we will be.

Great narrative here.  Thanks

I love this story. Especially Pete's note at the end. " my old-fashioned opinion." Also, I assume the Bernice and Guy mentioned at the bottom of Pete's letter are Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon and Guy Carawan, for fellow folk geeks.