Unformed Thoughts on Music This Week

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

At the Cadillac Lounge, Friday, Oct. 3:

and of course our seventh annual at Douglas Corner in Nashville (once all the Americana out-of-towners are safely gone):



Also this from my press release on the word tribute.

It's labeled a "tribute show," though Will James does not consider his Gram Parsons InterNational truly a tribute show. "I have no issue if you want to call it that. But when you use the word tribute," says Will, "Many folks think the show will consist of just GP covers. I ask my bands to play at least a couple Gram and/or Emmylou songs, but I book them because, after looking long and hard, I believe them to be the best in the legacy of Gram Parsons." He also plays actual Gram Parsons over the P.A. during the short changeovers (a shared backline is used to keep the show moving along). 

  Thanks for the memory, Gillian.  When my oldest daughter was 3, we used to spin around and around the living room to "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic".  It was also our father-daughter dance at her wedding 20 years later - and we spun around and around the dance floor.

Misted up on that memory Jerre.

Giving me a run for my money I see. Imitiation and all that jazz works for me. Welcome to the weekly rumble. What's next do you think? Hourly updates? Oh...that would be called Tweets. 

I read "I moved last week" and saw "My Name is New York" and I figured you and Easy Ed must have eloped!



Gillian, was so great to see you and talk with you at my Toronto show last night. Thank you so much for coming. I hope you agree with me that it was one of the best ever, the bands, the venue, the staff (and the wonderful Sam Grosso). Really enjoyed talking with you in person. Cheers, Will

I'm just reading these comments now! Sorry for being so behind...

Hal, I wonder what made that your first conclusion??

But I did indeed meet Will on Friday, which was lovely. A great show! I now challenge the rest of you to prove your existence to me ;)

How do you know for sure that you met Will James? This is the internet. Anybody can be anybody that they want. If I were you, I'd start locking my doors and change all passwords. Last August Hal and I each paid $49 USD for a background check on Will. Do you know what we found out? I can't tell you here, but if I did you'd be astounded. Hal and I? We're real. Will James? Don't be so sure, oh innocent one.

LOLOLOL. C'mon, what did you find? Gillain was one of the loveliest people I met Friday night, and I met a lot of peeps. But of course I can't be sure it was she either. God now you've made me even more paranoid. I KNOW No Depression has done a background ck on me by now!

I'm sure you met a lovely person but if she did not have Rush tattooed on the knuckles of each hand it most certainly was not Gillian.

Darn, too dark (or flashing lights) and didn't really study her hands. She's a very nice looking lady. Rush, really?

Dammit Hal, you should be working for the NSA. Nothing gets by you.

Guess it will take someone else to prove I'm really me...

OK, I actually have a picture of her in the crowd!  But we can't load them here anymore, right? So I still can't prove I'm me by having the picture of her at my gig because of this wonderful re-design. Crap.



Ah ha. As I already have it in an album in FB, I betcha ND will let me post the address at lease, maybe?

Yes! Now find Gillian (catch, my wife took the pic so still no proof that it's me).

Um, that worked in edit mode until I clicked OK.

Let me try again.




I stink,

Therefore, I am.

Gillian, would have been nice if you'd said when/where your tribute gig was.  If it was in TO (at Hugh's?) I'd probably have gone and bought you a beer.


Oh it was actually in Calgary, Ron. But let's definitely find something to go to - I still live in TO! I want to know how you're doing.