US Video Premiere of The Blues Against Youth's "Medium Size Star Bound"

The Blues Against Youth's "Medium Size Star Bound" video tells a tale of triumphing over country doldrums and frustration

Back in March of 2016, The Blues Against Youth released its third full-length album, Apprentice, on Beast Records. The twelve tracks on Apprentice show the Italian one-man band hard at work honing his electric blues, alternative country and primitive rock 'n' roll sound, and in that pursuit he did remarkably well. More recently, a video was created for the opening track on the album, "Medium Size Star Bound." It is a well-made video that tells an interesting story.

The video for "Medium Star Size Bound" was written and directed by Stefano Mutolo, who was inspired by his obsession with chickens and Gianni TBAY's music. Shooting took place in Ponte alla Chiassa, a beautiful location near Arezzo, Tuscany.

As far as the story that this video tells - Carolina is a rough and angry country girl and wanna-be boxer who lives on a farm with her mother and two brothers. Every day she struggles to assert herself in the oppressive family environment that attempts to keep her within the boundaries of her role as housekeeper or something along those lines. Carolina's brothers keep pushing her around, making fun of her because she is unable to catch an exceedingly stubborn and crafty chicken. The chicken stands for Carolina's rebel counterpart - the fleeing destiny she wholeheartedly desires to grab and run away with.

The music video for "Medium Size Star Bound" was inspired, in part, by the play Bitch Boxer, whose main character, also played by Carolina Pezzini, is an English boxer who's trying to qualify for the Olympic games while coping with her father's death. Bitch Boxer, the stage show, was written by Charlotte Josephine and directed by Eduardo Zucchetti. Also, there is a little homage to the Warner Herzog's Stroszeck, as the makers of the video re-created the same wooden box from the film's last scene, in which the chicken is supposed to dance.

Check out the video for "Medium Size Star Bound."

If you like song in this video, you can get all of The Blues Against Youth releases at Gianni's Bandcamp page. 

The Blues Against Youth also has a bunch of European tour dates set for the coming weeks.