VIDEO PREMIERE: Craig Robertson - "You Never Meet Me In The Morning"

It might be fair to call Toronto's Craig Robertson a late bloomer as far as the singer/songwriter game goes, but he has certainly caught up to his peers with his brilliant third album Late Mornings, produced by Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. We are proud to premiere the video for "You Never Meet Me In The Morning," shot in gorgeous black and white by Sean Ryan, who also directed Robertson's previous clip for the song "Cheap Old Watch."

While some may hear echoes of Gordon Lightfoot in the breezy-yet-bittersweet vibe of "You Never Meet Me In The Morning," it's a shining example of how all the necessary elements fell into place for the album, from Robertson's songs to Timmins' trademark production style and the solid performances of Robertson's longtime band.

"I was really motivated this time to write songs that the band could sink their teeth into, and to capture some magic on tape," Robertson says. "Mike is amazing at that, and we got a lot of live energy on this record.”

Indeed, there is plenty to chew on with Late Mornings's dozen tracks, which cast a light onto dark territory few artists dare tread upon. By choosing detail over confession, Robertson acts more like a guide throughout the album, shifting between scenes populated by characters teetering on the brink—as on the opening track “Drunk In Vegas”—or simply wondering when exactly the world passed them by—as on the heartbreaking “Decker Hollow.”

Although Robertson may downplay the narrative aspects of his music, Late Mornings is much like a great short story collection, a work of art that one can become totally immersed in, and reveals new insights each time it’s revisited. “I’ve always had a soft spot for people on the fringes of society, lost or searching,” he says. “I wanted to draw on that as it’s something I relate to."