We got a facelift!

Those of you who come here often probably noticed that the site looks a little different since last time you were here.

For the past several months, we’ve been working on this update to bring the website into alignment with our new print magazine. Things are organized a little bit differently than you might be used to. Instead of categorizing everything here based on content type, we’ve split everything into categories that mirror the magazine:

Stories: These are articles and interviews that dig into the stories behind great roots music.

Columns: We now have seven weekly and seven biweekly columns, covering everything from books to vinyl, bluegrass, beer, and international Americana. You can follow columnists or just peek into this section whenever you feel like it.

Reviews: This page includes album and concert reviews by our five staff reviewers, ND Roots correspondents, and roots music fans around the world.

Releases: Follow Bill Frater’s column that highlights the most important releases and release announcements, or just pop in to see and hear snippets of the albums that are dropping this week.

Media: Curated collections of the finest photography, video, and podcasts that have been added to the site each week.

Here are a few other things that have been updated:

Columns are easier to find and follow. Just click on “Columns” in the top navigation bar. To follow a column, click the “follow column” button and you’ll receive notification every time that column has a new post. You can choose to not be notified via email (via the “follows” tab on your My Page).

You can “like” things. We’ve added a “like” button to every piece of content. "Liking" something bookmarks it so that you can check it out again later by looking at your "likes" on Your Page.

Media is now curated by columnists. You may still find your way to every photo, video, and podcast added to the site, by clicking on “Media” in the top navigation bar and then choosing “All Photos,” etc. But if you want to make sure to see the very best of each type of media, we recommend you follow our media columnists. 

We removed the option of adding new forum discussions. After much consideration, we decided that, going forward, our focus is on excellent writing about music that matters. Therefore all comments should be connected to columns, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. We encourage discussions about anything on the site, but we have seen relatively little activity on the forum discussions. All existing discussions since 2008 remain and you may access them via search, or your bookmarks.  

We hope you enjoy our new look and feel, and that you find these changes to improve your experience with this site. As always, if you run into any technical issues or have any questions or concerns, please contact

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