Weekly Broadside: Memories from 1975 - Tom Russell, Norman Blake, and Bruce Springsteen

It was Tom Russell's name in your headline that caught my eye, turns out he was mentioned in the article just in passing, but the video you included was welcome.  Or rather, what's the deal with the three large red and white fields where the videos should be? I thought I knew which Tom Russell song you were referring to and was curious enough to find out that I went to your website, where the video function worked.  There I noticed a sign up box for your updates and entered the requested info, then hit subscribe.  I was advised I'd receive an email to complete the registration.  Never did get that email but I did guess right on which Tom Russell song and he's great to listen to in any weather.  If I have a point here, it's how do I successfully subscribe to your website updates?  


Hi Jack. It's all fixed now  Kim figured out how to kill the gremlins  

The signup box on my site is for a newsletter, and if you've filled it out I've got your info. I've also got a page up on Facebook and I always link to the new here to join or subscribe or whatever they call it. Ditto for Twitter where I can be found @therealeasyed

Thanks for checking out the post and website, which is obviously still under construction. 

Ed, I did receive a confirm subscription email from your site, it went into my junk folder.  Unjunked it and confirmed my subsciption.  Your site looks good to me.  I am pretty sure I will live out my days having never signed up for Facebook.  As long as I can see people in person, call/email/text with them, I think I'm as linked in, dialed up, social media free connected as I want to be.  Cuts out the middle and and saves me from viewing pictures of people's omelettes.