What is Americana Music? Answer Spans Decades

I come down in a different place.  

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, including a very healthy dose of "Americana", according to the current definition from the association quoted above.  The truth is that, in general, the less country in the music the more I like it.

As I write this, the archive cover from NoDepression (Jan/Feb 98) has Victoria Williams and Mark Olson pictured.  I really like Victoria Williams (and often wonder how she is doing these days) but her solo records aren't country-ish in the slightest, to my ears.  But I'm comfortable with having her on the cover of ND.

I'm also very fond of Merle Haggard, a country icon.  But the album of his that I like the best, and just love, is If I Could Only Fly, more folky/singer-songwrite than country, and released on the punk label Anti-.  It does have a Western Swing track, but that's all about safe sex.

So I'm very comfortable with a broad and inclusive definition of Americana.  If I had my way, I'd allow a bit of jazz in there (which is where western swing and Dr. John would meet).  Let's not get too prescriptive in our taxonomy, I'm just not sure what purpose that serves.