What Happens When a Band Learns its Name was an Obscure Racial Epithet? Meet Parsonsfield.

Great pics! I was there as well. The guys put on a fun show! Check out their latest video (first as Parsonsfield) doing a cover of an old Mississippi John Hurt tune...

First performance as Parsonsfield.

Last performance as Poor Old Shine, Green River Festival.

I have to respectfully disagree. If it is a racial slur it is racial slur (confession-it was news to me). Would any folk singer attempt to sing  the lyrics if they were "Captain don't you do me like you done poor old (insert n word here) Shine"? I doubt it. 

I say good for them. There's a big difference between singing a song that came from a certain place and time and had language that we wouldn't use in conversation these days because it's offensive, and taking on that language as your name. A bunch of white guys making any kind of living from calling themselves something that stands for a racial slur, is offensive. It's nice to see that they did something with that realization rather than just telling people to "lighten up," which happens so often with racial appropriation. 

If "Poor Old Shine" is offensive as a band name why isn't it offensive to sing the song that includes the lyrics.
And WWLD?  (What would Ledbelly do?)

Given how the state of Maine treats its bear population, there is no way I would buy a record by a group named after one of its towns.