When You Lose Someone: A Poem for Glenn Frey

When You Lose Someone: A Poem by Jack Tempchin

THANKS so much to everyone for your beautiful thoughts, comments and likes, it really helps. Here is how I came to write this lyric about Glenn: I got a package in the mail from Glenn Frey’s wife Cindy. She sent me a present for playing at his memorial... and because she is Cindy. It was a few “Glenn Essentials”, things he always had with him wherever he traveled.  It included his favorite kind of Yellow Pad, like the ones we wrote all our songs on. Also a box of his favorite Palomino Blackwing soft graphite pencils. And there was a candle in a hand made container inside a small box to create instant mood in any hotel.

I sat down and lit the candle and picked up the pencil and wrote this poem. I hesitated to share it but now I'm glad I did.
- Jack Tempchin

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