The Wild Reeds Share the World They've Built

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No problem, as a webmaster and content specialist for many years, it happens to the best of us.

I've just gleaned the article at this point, which I found to be in depth and interesting, especially as I decided months ago to have our 10th annual festival celebration in Nashville to be solely women-led, feeling that over the past nine years, while I've sought out and booked many women, including unique artists such as Lydia Loveless and Whitney Rose, I haven't given enough space for women and their sometimes unique perspectives. (The theme this year is "Cosmic Ladies In the Legacy of Gram & Emmylou.")

So perhaps more as I listen more. Thanks for a great article/interview, and thanks to Kira, who shares her name with my daughter, a musician also. 

Saw the Wild Reeds last summer, quite good, lots of energy.  Will, I think they'd be a good fit for your show.

I second this! Great live energy and you get to see the "supportive three front women" aspect in action! They're a very engaging band in the banter department as well. ;)

Jack well as you know I value your opinion and taste in music.

Alas, their agent didn't bite.

Your festival sounds like an awesome time! Haven't gotten to spend as much time in Nash as I would like but on future visits I'd like to hear and experience as much locally showcased/curated live music as possible, so I'll have to keep an eye out for this!

And thanks kindly for the compliments about the writing and my name. (Not one I share with others often; that's cool!) I'm always happy to hear when someone enjoys what I write. Even more so if they become lasting fans of the artists I'm trying to highlight. :) Side note: "Fall to Sleep" and "Not an Option" are two tracks off the album whose lyrics really stick out to me (And are pretty catchy to boot!)

Kira, while realizing this post isn't about me or my shows, my 10th annual referred to above will be Saturday, November 4 (always the first Saturday in November), at Douglas Corner in Nashville. I travel from my home base in Buffalo to different regions so the local bands don't have to. I see these Cosmic Ladies are from L.A. where I've done a show the past two years, but this year may be looking at NorCal if I do a West Coast show. The Nashville show will be a benefit after costs for  Emmylou's favorite local nonprofit, Bonaparte's Retreat. 

Yes, Kira is not that common a name although more common than when we found it in a book of names in 1989 (Russian for "light" and her middle name is Meade, so we joke that her name means Light Beer, ha ha). I will hit follow on your byline from now on. 

I also love that they don't think music should be safe, couldn't agree more... together with they get that it should also be entertaining. Not a contradiction. Part of my grief with so much music today is that it is often both safe and frankly boring (and right, I don't consider vocal gymnastics alone as entertainment).