Win a Signed LP of Old Crow Medicine Show's 'Volunteer'

Old Crow Medicine Show's new album, Volunteer

Rolicking roots sextet Old Crow Medicine Show celebrated the release of its ninth album of original matieral at The Station Inn last Thursday night. A vertiable who's who of Music City packed the dingy old bluegrass venue to see the stringband perform selections from Volunteer. But in addition to celebrating Volunteer's release into the wild, the band and attendees also took a moment to honor an even more historical feat: With this album — all 11 fiery tracks recorded in the legendary RCA Studio A and produced by country and roots music veteran Dave Cobb — Old Crow Medicine Show has officially been a band for 20 years.

Here at No Depression, we're proud to have supported this band for so many years as well. In fact, you can read an essay fiddler Ketch Secor wrote for the Spring edition of the print journal by subscribing here, or check out the glowing album review of Volunteer that Corbie Hill wrote.

We're also thrilled to offer one lucky member of the No Depression community a signed copy of Volunteer. All you have to do is comment below with your favorite Old Crow Medicine Show song, old or new. We'll choose one winner at random and send them a copy of the album. Comments posted on social media don't count toward the contest. Anyone may enter but prizes can only be sent to US addresses.

This signed vinyl contest runs from Tuesday, April 24, 2018, through Monday, April 30, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. ET. We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer

Tough to pick, but today my favorite is Kevin's "Sweet Home" off of the "Remedy" album.

My favorite OCMS song is Alabama High-Test. Can’t wait to hear Volunteer. 

Sweet Amarillo would be my pick.

My favorite is Motel in Memphis.  And I was just at that motel for the 2nd time.  A song that captures the haunting memorial to MLK.

Next Go Round is one of my favorites. 

We're all in this together

So hard to pick one. Ill go with “take em’ away”

So hard to pick one. Ill go with “take em’ away”

50 years of Blonde on Blonde is a great listen and was a great show.

Well, I can't stop listening over and over "Old Hickory" from this last one album. I got it on an endless loop.

It has all the Dyaln touch, they are masters of, but also the old bluegrass and the story telling cadence, and persoanlly I love this mid tempo Levon drumming.

Just new, just GREAT!!!

Tell It to Me!

Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer

So many to choose from! I'm going with "Ain't it Enough" off Carry Me Back. Beautiful song. 


Sweet Amarillo is not just their best song, but one of the best Dylanesque songs i've heard. Love the background story behind it as well. 




Motel in Memphis <3

Levi is my favourite OCMS song.

Amazing lyrics, incredible melody and music... despite the heart breaking subject it's quite the earworm.

Sometimes I play this song on repeat for at least an hour. Never gets old.

I'll go with 'Humdinger' since I didn't see it mentioned yet but I have many favorites.

Too many to count!  I Hear Them All.


The Warden

Recorded by me in Paradiso Amsterdam 2014

Have to go with The Warden. So thoughtful both musically and lyrically – I love playing it for people who only know them as "the Wagon Wheel band" and blowing their minds.

The Warden is amazing! I so want to hear it live.

Will have to go with 'Wagon Wheel,' which was the first song I heard by them - still a favorite! Ryan (above) is right about 'The Warden' - incredible song!


WAGON WHEEL was my introduction to OCMS and remains my favorite.


I really dig Down Home Girl .

Sweet Home also.

Gotta say Wagon Wheel, but they're all great songs!

Summer Folk- live on the pier in Portland Maine

Methamphetamine is a favorite of mine - rocks me

James River Blues.

I saw OCMS play this in the famed Mississippi Nights club on Laclede's Landing in St. Louis before the club was torn down. The nightclub was also home to many memorable Uncle Tupelo shows and referenced by Jeff Tweedy in the Wilco song "Heavy Metal Drummer."


As a 60 year old recovering addict it would be so easy to touch on one of the related songs.  Uh-uh.  In the climate surrounding us today I have to vote for Hotel in Memphis.  The song hits me just as deeply now as the moment did then.  Equality for all.

We're All in This Together

"Sally Anne" from the "Live" album.

Oh dear, double post. How undignified. 

That's a tough one -- but I'll say "James River Blues."


Favorite OC: Just Like a Woman

Happy to see your photo is sideways too! I Have tried to fix mine several times!

Happy to see your photo is sideways too! I Have tried to fix mine several times!

Mean Enough World from Remedy

Cocaine Habit off of Eutaw 

Cocaine Habit off of Eutaw 

Wagon Wheel because it got me listening deep into their catalog, OCMS are the best! can’t wait for Volunteer!

Easy, seeing the Old Crow Medicine Show at SXSW 2018, heck yeah!

Alabama High Test

Crazy Eyes

I've always been partial to Caroline, they did a slower version as a one-off before releasing a faster version on a later EP. And looking forward to seeing them next week at JazzFest.

Humdinger - if you’re not a right winger. 

That would be 8 Dogs, 8 Banjos for its sheer energy & exuberance!

It was about 4 years ago, I was listening to a Spotify playlist named "More Banjo!". See, I had recently discovered  Americana, Bluegrass and Old-time music, and I was trying to decide if to buy and learn to play the banjo :) Well, in this playlist there was a song that literally swept me out of my feet. The song is "Fall on my knees" and even now, after thousands of times, every time I hear it I can't help but jump and dance. It was the first time I heard about OCMS, but it didn't take long for me to become a fan and discover so many other beautiful songs. But "Fall on my knees" will always be the incredible song that made me fall in love with Old Crow Medicine Show.
(Oh, by the way "I pick a banjo now" ;) )

Down home girl

Down home girl

Down home girl

Highway halo!  my black top anthem 

“Wagon Wheel” because the first cut is the deepest. Keeping my fingers & toes crossed.

These guys rarely miss a lick on any of their songs but, I thought that Sweet Amarillo was just a superb song and deserved massive airplay.


Chuck Young

These guys rarely miss a lick on their songs but, I think Sweet Amarillo is a superb song and should have received massive airplay.

Too many choices - always loved "Caroline"!

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