Win Tickets to Red Ants Pants Festival 2017

Wow! Looks like not too many music fans want to go to Montana. Maybe this will put all y'all young hipsters in the mood. 


A chance to win tickets too see Asleep at the Wheel, Lucinda Williams, and Mandolin Orange?! Sign me up. A festival under the Montana sky is worth the drive from Portland.

Hell, how could anyone named Travis the 7th not win.  Sign me up and if I win send them to T7!

Grew up in Wallowa County of NE Oregon. Moved away for many years. When I moved to Northern Idaho for work I began to reconnect with the area and my roots. Be able to attend the Red Ants Pants festival would be a connection to the good ol' days of blue grass echoing from the barn as I fed my chickens. Would love to win these tickets!

I've heard tales of this great festival and have had it on my bucket list for a while. I have a list of great festivals that I'd love to visit, and this one is on that list. I'd really love to cross it off. The lineup this year looks amazing. I had the opportunity to catch Parker Millsap last night and was blown away. I'd drive to the festival just to catch him, but there are a bunch of other great artists that I'm dying to see as well!

So who won the tickets?

I was wondering that too!

It looks like there were 4 entries  and I couldn't use the tickets. So if you didn't win it must have been one of the other two?

Seems weird that nobody is saying anything. Would be nice to know one way or another.

Maybe the site was hacked and it was one of those spambot  phone calls offering you 4 days and 2 nights in Cabo San Lucas? Don't give them your credit card number!