Without Being Killed or Caught: The Life and Music of Guy Clark


Guy Clark is a national treasure.  How wonderful to see him being recognized with these magnificent projects, and while he's still around to experience such a well-earned tribute.  ('Give me the flowers while I'm living!')

The preview film shows what beautiful work you're doing.  Of course you've got a dream cast no casting director could have put together.

Perfect title too.


Hi Sibylle, he IS a national treasure and I appreciate your kind words of support. Yeah, these guys are pretty easy to work with and they all want the same properly honor Guy.  We'll be doing a lot of exclusive updates on Kickstarter throughout the making of the film.  If you can kick in even $5 you'll have access to all of that.  My goal is to get 5000 people to come to this Guy Clark party. We're up to 1233 people now and have until May 20 to lock it in.  Thank you, again, and I'll tell Guy about our exchange.  All best, Tamara

'Boats To Build' was the first song of Guy's (and Verlon's) I ever heard, at the very end of 1998.  The line 'songs to keep your dreams afloat' perfectly captures what discovering these songs meant to me.

Tamara, you might even be able to use these lines from the song as a heading or caption somewhere in your book ...

songs of life songs of hope
songs to keep your dreams afloat

It must have been early 1976, when somehow I had the good fortune of putting "Old No. 1" onto my turntable. I had just never heard such great songs, presented in such a way. I knew that whomever this Guy Clark guy was, that he would be one of America's best songwriters. And he is.

Thanks, Tamara, for getting a book, and now movie, done. It's so well deserved, and so badly needed, so that future generations will have such insight into the man, and his music. For me, he's one of the giants of American songwriters.


Ramcey in Nashville

That album changed my life, too!  Thanks for the's a big project but I think it is important to a lot of us!

Took me a bit, but I finally kicked in, just in the nick of time. I am backer 1,699. Go get 'em, Tamara!

Glad to have you along!  Thank you for the support.  I think you'll see that we have fun on the Kickstarter page.


I'm in, too.  "This One's For Him'' and the Kristoffersen tribute Tamara produced are reason enough, but this promises to be just as worthwhile, maybe even better!

Saddened by the news that Guy Clark has passed away.  I will never forget the first time I heard him.  It was 1993 and I had been living in D.C. for the summer.  My college roommate had come to pick me up because I had totalled my truck.  We were just outside of town and threw in a mix tape someone had made for him that included Ramblin Jack an Mahan.  I was blown away by the imagery and lyrics.  I feel fortunate to have seen him several times and actually got to hang out with him and his son Travis after a couple shows.  A true American icon.  He will be missed.

As a lifelong (Dutch) fan of Guy, I am begging you to make sure somehow, that the movie and the biography will become available in Europe. There's a real big bunch of music lovers here who miss him and his music every day! But the music will go on forever. I am fortunate in that I have seen him perform in Holland twice and he broke my heart, lifted me up, made my life much better with his songs. 

Yes, Roel, we'll make sure both the book and documentary will be available in Europe.  The book will be out in October.  All the best, Tamara

Hello Tamara, so nice to see that you've done this biography of the great Guy Clark, and to get a glimpse of some of the story behind it. What an honor to have shared all that with him. Years ago, when you had taken over as editor of the late, lamented Country Music magazine, you and I used to trade emails, and I always enjoyed those conversations. I remember you were a big booster then of Jack Ingram, and I had my doubts, but from what I read he's having a real breakthrough lately, so I guess you were right. Congrats on the biography -- I know what it feels like to labor long and hard on a book you really care about -- I have a book that fits that description coming out Oct. 15 (not that I'm plugging it, but it's "Not So Fast: Thinking Twice About Technology," University of Georgia Press). Very much looking forward to reading "Without Getting Kill or Caught" (great title!). Best, Doug Hill