On the 50th anniversary of her death, how do you like to remember Patsy Cline -- cowgirl or torch singer?

I love Patsy Cline. Who doesn't? But I prefer to remember her early days singing tough, honky tonk songs, growling and yodeling -- before they smoothed her out and turned her into a torch singer, basically. Those were great songs, too. Classic. But I prefer her totally country. I like to think that's how she sounds these days up in heaven.

I'd love to hear what others think.

I've written an essay on the subject that's been published on the Huffington Post, if you're interested in more of my thoughts. Here's a link:

Drinking Beer With Patsy Cline Up in Heaven

David, that is a great essay that captures the essence of Patsy.  It is my observation that all men around my age (mid-60's) are still in love with Patsy.  I also like her early more rustic stuff including Live at Opry.  Not only did she have her great voice by then but the band had a honky-tonk feel.

I bought the 45 Rpm single of  "Walkin' After Midnight" with the first allowance I ever received in late 1957.

It sounded very grown up and kind of sexy (whatever that was to me) at 9 years old. I envisioned smoky nightclubs and sultry girl singers though, so I guess for me it was a torch song with a bluesy flavor.

I wore it out on my record player.

It was my introduction to grown up music and Patsy's voice had so many nuances to it, way beyond many of the bland female vocalists of the time, that it set a new standard for me.

It's Patsy Cline. All good !

Torch Singer.

She was a vocalists.


Whatever "Walkin' After Midnight" is, is it!