Amazing History of Rock Radio Show

Like many baby boomers I grew up on rock and roll, mostly on AM radio, but never knew where it came from.  I've read a lot about influences (jump blues, electric blues, gospel, country boogie) but I they were just words until I stumbled on to a wonderful local public radio show called

8-track flashback on WNCU-FM in Durham, NC.  The host is an older graybeard named Jim Davis, originally from Philly area I think (bio is on his 8-track flashback website).  Anyway, each Saturday from noon-4 p.m. East Coast time the show does a reverse chronology of rock music starting in early-60's going back to late-40's.  What is amazing is that I have been listening to the show an average of 45 weeks a year for 15 years and still hear new songs every week, especially from the gestation period of the late-40's and early-50's.  Jim must have one of the best oldies collections on the planet.  He also will kick in a few electric blues nuggets on the show.  He is a big fan of doowop so you'll have to put up with a few of those songs, but otherwise this is a gold mine for folks interested in "old-time rock and roll".  You can listen live at wncu.org  

Do you have a rock history station you listen to? 

The long-time host, Jim Davis, is starting to take some Saturdays off maybe due to age and recent medical conditions so you might hear an alternative host every other Saturday or so.  Still a great late-40's to mid-60's oldies show but not as much early rock history as the Jim Davis Saturdays.   I tend to focus on the 1:30-4:00 Easter time frame on the Jim Davis show since I've heard pretty much all of the 60's stuff.