Dylan's 'Another Self Portrait'

 I was prepared to just skip this new entry in the 'Bootleg' series because his original 'Self Portrait'  album is one of only a handful of Dylan releases that I've never bothered to pick up.  But after doing a little reading about 'Another Self Portrait' and checking out some samples, I changed my mind.  Real glad I did - - this is light years better than 'Self Portrait'.  Not only does it contain alternate/demo versions of some of the songs from that album that strip away the strings & syrup to excellent effect, there are other alt/demo/live cuts from 'New Morning', 'Nashville Skyline', and his Isle of Wight concert appearance, as well as a few other odds 'n sods, that make it far more than just "another" Self Portrait.  I've listened to all 35 cuts (I got the 2-CD version, not the bigger box) a couple of times over the past two days, and pretty much loved it.  Highly recommended to Dylan fans, especially those who particularly enjoy his folk/country/blues work, rather than just his more pop/rock music.

Anyone else gotten into this one yet?

All ive really listened to so far is the isle of White material - after I play it a few more times - ill go back to the rest -- 

but this in and of itself is great - should have been put out all by itself years ago