Win a Copy of Dwight Yoakam's "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars"

Dwight Yoakam may have risen to fame as a posterboy of outlaw country, but on his latest album, Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars, he digs into his Kentucky roots, going bluegrass. 

From a press release: 

The new album reflects the love for bluegrass music that Yoakam developed at an early age in Kentucky, and that has inspired him for many years thereafter. Yoakam’s choice to partner with Sugar Hill for this release speaks volumes about the seriousness of this endeavor; Sugar Hill and its sister label Rounder have long been at the forefront of bluegrass, roots, and Americana music. ... For the making of this album, Yoakam assembled a band of bluegrass luminaries to reinterpret favorites from his catalogue of gems. The 11-track album features Yoakam compositions from his extensive catalog.

We've teamed up with the fine folks at Sugar Hill/Rounder Records to give away a copy to one lucky ND community member.

To enter, simply comment here and tell us what Dwight Yoakam classic you'd like to hear bluegrass style -- and why. We'll choose one winner and send them a copy of Yoakam's new record. 

Anyone can enter but the prize can only be shipped to a US address. You have until 6 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016, to enter. Good luck!

I'd love to hear "It Won't Hurt"!

Streets of Bakersfield

i'd like to hear a bluegrass version of "Streets of Bakersfield."  Buck Owens meets bluegrass would make a fascinating stylistic shift.

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.  A classic song from Dwight.  Why not put it to bluegrass?

I'd love to hear "Guitars, Cadillacs" done in a bluegrass style.

She Wore Red Dresses- a gem of a song about murdering the one you love. I'll always remember my Dad cranking that one up loud in his truck. Hmmm.

"Since I Started Drinking Again"...reason?...got a great "rip it up" blue grass feel already.

be nice to hear it with the grass instruments at full speed

Rock It All Away. I like the song and it can be banjer-rocked & harmonized.


If there was ever a song of Dwight's that screams "Do me Bluegrass Style !" it's  Readin', Wrting, Rt23

You just beat me to it Dirk. Great minds!

There's really only one option: "Readin, Rightin', Rt. 23." This is the definitive DY origin story: hillbilly coal-miner migration from Kentucky to big-city factory jobs in Ohio & Michigan. But wait -- maybe it is already a bluegrass song -- just strip out the drums, change electric to acoustic guitar, a little banjo - bingo!

I think Dwight Yoakam's "The Heart that You Own," is as pure and timeless as "He stopped Loving her today."  A true country classic. While I absolutely love every "bluegrass-make-over" on Swimming Pools & Movie Stars, I secretely wished that "The Heart that You Own" would have been included on Dwight's new album. As a long time Dwight-fan, Swimming Pools & Movie Stars has a special meaning ... it brings a very "down-home" connection to music that has been an important part of my life for 20 to 30 years. (namely Two Doors Down & Guitars, Cadillcas). 

That "connection" I suppose, is the reason why I would love to hear "The Heart that you own" in Dwight's amazing salute to his bluegrass roots. 

Spot on, The Heart That You Own has the lyrics.

Turn it On, Turn it Up, Turn Me Loose. 

I can already hear the dobro playing  Pete Anderson's low twangy guitar part and the fiddle joining in during the chorus. Also, the choppy rhythm of the song would sound great with stabs of Martin D28. 

I hope I win, I would really like to have this record.


First Dwight song that comes to mind is "I Sang Dixie", it gets to me every time I hear the lyric 'the bottle had robbed him'.

Just last week, I was able to see "Honky-Tonk-Hillbilly-Deluxe" Dwight Yoakam for the 15th time.  I have seen him at some great shows in some world-class venues: Hard Rock in Vegas, House of Blues in L.A., but seeing him at home rates amoung his best performances since I first saw in in the early 80's in Bakersfield with Los Lobos.  To choose a single Mr. Yoakam classic to hear in the bluegrass genre is a virtual impossible task.  But, if I can only choose one, it would have to be one of my all-time favorites: "These Arms".  I can't think of another song so well suited to Bluegrass due to the lyrics, the tempo and the adaptability.  Bringing Dwight's bred Kentucky roots to a favorite song can only turn it once again into a fine, fine classic.  I have a friend that introduced me to dozens and dozens of prime artists in our young years while I introduced him to Mr. Yoakam.  In paying back the debt I owe him, I will be presenting this fine album to my musical brother.

Bury Me!

I definitely want to hear Pocket of a Clown done bluegrass style, mainly because it is my least favorite Dwight song and I think some banjo and/or mandolin is just what it needs.  


 The Distance Between Me & You

Was a more jangly, well-versed song ever written in this genre?Think of some banjo going nutso on that with an elevated tempo. Gotta love that Dwight... Maybe get Aiofe O'Donovan to duet on it.

Ron Bentley



It Won't Hurt from Jack W. 

Johnson's Love....It's such a sad & beautiful tale.

It's the hillbilly Wuthering Heights.

Suspicious Minds - His live version is better than Elvis's


I want to hear a bluegrass "Long White Cadillac." The contrast between the hard-rocking version and a bluegrass take would be distinctive, and Dwight could pull it off. I can hear it in my head. Besides, it's about Hank.

South Of Cinncinnati. It already has the earthy feel and story of a traditional bluegrass song but if it were double-timed and backed with a full BG sound it would be awesome. 

"Come On Christmas"
I love most of Yoakam's records but not that holiday album. But this is a very good song that needs to be revisited. Pick up the tempo and let the heartbreak rip.

Still been thinking about this, I'm not sure how Dwight would work it out but "Fast as You" done in bluegrass,  something in the jacked​ up Psychobilly style possibly, would certainly be interesting, just saying......




"Guitars, Cadillacs" please!

Would love the best song of Dwight's career - Fast as You! Now that would be truly awesome done bluegrass style...

Streets of Bakersfield would be my choice.

Hope I win.



Turn It On, Turn it Up, Turn Me Loose. It's my favorite Dwight song, but I can't imagine it "grassed up." I'm sure though that he and his band would come up with an interesting arrangement.

Fast as you.....mercy!


Absolutely, without a doubt, She Wore Red Dresses.

Nothing's Changed Here Without You would sound awesome as a fast bluegrass number with lots of hot licks. 

My 2nd choice - maybe he should just do all of his songs on a bluegrass album!

"The Last Heart in Line" 

When I read that Dwight was working on a bluegrass album, I knew that it'd be musical nirvana. I had heard that this album would consist of songs from his catalog. My pick, I suppose, wouldn't be considered a "classic" from the Dwight Yoakam catalog. I would have loved for "What's Left of Me" to be included on "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars..." I know what you're thinking. "WTF, Sarah? Really?" It's perfect for bluegrass and, well, I simply fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. Also, for a few weeks, I didn't know that Mick Jagger co-wrote the song. No wonder I love it. The soundtrack to "South of Heaven, West of Hell" is underrated, in my opinion. Yeah, the movie isn't Oscar worthy, but the album is great. "Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars" is what I expected it to be. Musical Nirvana. The tracks are in the perfect order. Oh, and the cover of "Purple Rain" is just brilliant. I can always count on Dwight Yoakam to leave me smiling and satisfied. *Edited for spelling errors at 03:01, 25 October 2016*

"Streets of Bakersfield" has a great arrangement that sounds almost like a Mexican norteno band, which is appropo given the large Latino population of that city.  But arrange it for a bluegrass sound with a banjo and not an accordian, and it will emphasize the Dust Bowl Okie heritage of the town that was home to Merle, Buck, the Maddox family, and so many more great musicians of the Bakersfield Sound.  That's what I'd like to hear.

Floyd County. Such a great groove!