Win a Copy of Sara Watkins' "Young in All the Wrong Ways"

We've been fans of Sara Watkins for a long time. She was on our print cover as part of Nickel Creek, we danced on the grass as she performed with supergroup I'm With Her (along with Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan) at last year's FreshGrass Festival, and we've eagerly awaited projects like The Watkins Family Hour (with her brother, Sean Watkins, among other great musicians) and her solo albums.

On her third solo album, "Young in All the Wrong Ways," released today on New West Records, Sara Watkins reflects on what you leave behind, for better or worse, as you move forward into adulthood, with songs that stake her claim as a strong, confident songwriter, singer and musician who has something to say and engaging, beautiful ways to say it.

We'd like to give away a copy of "Young in All the Wrong Ways" -- on your choice of CD or vinyl -- to one lucky ND reader. To enter, tell us in the comments below about your favorite Sara Watkins song from any era of her career. We'll pick at winner from comments posted by Friday, July 8, 2016, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Anyone can enter, but the CD or vinyl can be sent only to a U.S. address.



There's so much music out there, that sometimes as a fan, you miss some of it.  I discovered Sara Watkins from her first solo album, before I'd really heard much about Nickel Creek.  I've been a fan ever since.

Gotta be this little gem https://youtu.be/tvke9FwsMIE You & Me Watkins Family Music Hour Fayetteville Roots Fest 2015

There are many great Sara Watkins and/or Nickel Creek songs to choose from. My favorite though would have to be "Hay Loft". What an incredible version of the Mother Mother song! This, to me is Sara and the guys at their finest. 

I have a particular memory of seeing Sara cover John Hartford's 'Long Hot Summer Day' at Newport. That one never fails to get my foot taping and is a definite favorite. 

You and Me with Destination being a close second

Sara Watkins rules & I'm stoked for her new music. The comments on these "contests" are fun to peruse, but don't plan on a winner being announced: to the best of my knowledge, ND never announced a winner for the October 2015 Son Volt contest. Chime in for the fun of the musical banter

When she stepped into the Decemberists five years ago, while Jenny Conlee recovered from surgery, I finally began to focus on Sara Watkins the individual musician, rather than 1/3 of Nickel Creek. Her contributions to that band were substantial and since then, I've try to keep up with her many satisfying collaborations and solo work. Because her Tiny Desk concert with the Decemberists awoke my appreciation for her diverse talents, I'm gonna choose "The King is Dead" as a favorite. https://youtu.be/VHdsoNewFdU

I love pretty much all of Sara's work, but favorite goes back to one of her first.  "Reasons Why" is so dynamic and eerie.  It really stands out from the typical Nickle Creek song (which I love as well, but we're talking about what's special from Sara).  I like that she blends in traditional sounds even when performing newer music.

I have loved Sara Watkins' music for a long time - I named my first proper fiddle 'Watkins.' So to choose a single song to top all others is a difficult task. Do I go for nostalgia and choose 'Out of the Woods,' or do I admire her new sense of self outside of Nickel Creek and choose her rendition of 'I Think of You,' with her ultimate girl power group, I'm With Her? Or there's her songwriting and vocal chops on 'Destination' to consider. Sara Watkins has inspired me in music for more than half of my life, and I owe her so much more than one song. Looking forward to adding more favorites to the list!