Win a Signed LP of Old Crow Medicine Show's '50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde'

Old Crow Medicine Show's upcoming album, 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde, celebrates the legacy of Bob Dylan's landmark album which was released five decades ago. The 14-track LP, which sees OCMS covering Dylan in spectacular fashion, was recorded live at the CMA Theater located inside the historic Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. We're pleased to offer a signed copy to one lucky member of the No Depression community. 

From a press release:

“Fifty years is a long time for a place like Nashville, Tennessee. Time rolls on slowly around here like flotsam and jetsam in the muddy Cumberland River. But certain things have accelerated the pace of our city. And certain people have sent the hands of the clock spinning. Bob Dylan is the greatest of these time-bending, paradigm-shifting Nashville cats,” says Ketch Secor, the primary vocalist of the Old Crow Medicine Show.

“By deciding to record his newly found rock n’ roll voice in 1966 Nashville, Bob swung the gates of Country music wide open; so wide, in fact, that 50 years later there was still enough of a crack left for Old Crow Medicine Show to sneak its banjos and fiddles through the gates with string band swagger.”

To enter: Comment here with your favorite Old Crow Medicine Show memory, whether it was a show, an album, or just the right song at the right time. We'll choose one winner and send them a copy of the album. Comments posted on social media don't count toward the contest. Anyone may enter but prizes can only be sent to US addresses.

Comment anytime between 12:01 a.m. Eastern on Friday (April 27) and 9 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, May 4. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. 

(More info about the album, including a full track listing, is available here.)

My favorite Old Crow Medicine Show memory came at the 30th anniversary of Farm Aid, down by the lake in Chicago in September 2015. After watching OCMS give a spirited and scorching 30-minute set - highlighted by a cover of one of my favorite Steve Young songs ("City of New Orleans"), I met Ketch Secor backstage among the artist trailers for a sit down interview. We chatted about the reverence the Grammy-winner has for Willie Nelson and the band's journey from sidewalk buskers to Grand Ole Opry members. 


Steve Young wrote "Seven Bridges Road"...Steve Goodman wrote "City of New Orleans"...just an FYI...Steve Young was a fine songwriter...Steve Goodman was on a level with people like John Prine...one of the greats...

I read the column you linked to...correctly identified the songwriter there...

Earlier this year I was taking a 9 hour drive from Lancaster, PA to Johnson City, TN to visit my daughter.  I had my iphone on "shuffle" when I finally hit the exit for Johnson City .... as I pulled off the highway, in a case of perfect timing,  the little DJ inside my phone decided to play Wagon Wheel by OCMS with the verse about heading to Johnson City.  It was a good trip!

I first saw Old Crow open for Del McCoury at the Chicago School of Folk Music. I've been a fan ever since.

A few years ago I was asked to sing and play for a friend's wedding.  The couple had been best friends for a long time and were clearly meant to be together, but had made choices that put them apart from each other and with the wrong partners.  Finally, life and fate had brought them back together for good, and it was a truly joyous celebration.  One of the two songs I was asked to perform was "Ain't It Enough" by OCMS.  The toughtful lyrics of that song were perfect for the day: "Ain't it enough to live by the ways of the world, to be part of the picture, whatever it's worth.  Throw your arms 'round each other, and love one another.  For it's only one life that we got, and ain't it enough."  It's become an extremely meaningful song to me.  It's now a part of the repetoire of the band I'm in, and is always an audience favorite.  I'm thankful to OCMS for writing such a great song, helping make such a great memory, and being part of my picture!

I'm afraid I have no Old Crow memories, as the only time I've seen them is on Bluegrass Underground. I know many people are a little tired of hearing Wagon Wheel, but it always goes over well when our band plays it.

I've never seen OCMS live but my favorite memory is watching them get inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. It happened to be Hank Williams' birthday, allowing them - along with Marty Stuart, Del McCoury, and Connie Smith - to segue from "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" to "I Saw The Light" seamlessly. OCMS's reverence for what came before them, combined with keeping their music immediate and innovative, is a rare treat. 

In 1992, a handful of guys that I worked with made a video of us performing a hillbilly version of "Wild Thing" for a company talent show. Some of us were very good musicians, some adequate, and some couldn't play at all. We were like an cross between old-timey Americana and the Portsmith Sinfonia. The video turned out awesome. 

A few years later, I was blown away by OCMS' "Wagon Wheel". I'd moved to another city in that time, but the group of guys was still tight. I immediately shared "Wagon Wheel"'s existence with a few of the guys, saying that this is what we would be like in my dreams.

Seeing them play with Dom Flemons at the Rococo in Lincoln, NE last year. True showmanship!

I remember hearing that OCMS got inducted into the Opry and I wasn't as familiar with them at the time and found a copy of "Remedy" which was very good.

Want to see OCMS, never had a chance, yet.

What they did with Bob Dylan's leftover lyrics for Wagon Wheel, cannot wait to hear what they do with Blonde on Blonde!~!

My first memory of OCMS is my favorite. My brother and I were in Nashville to play some gigs and decided to check out the Grand Ole Opry one night. This was before they started going back to the Ryman in November-January every year, so we trudged up to Opryland/Opry Mills to the "New" Opryhouse. While making our way through the concrete jungle of tourist benches, planters, and re-planted museums, we saw this street band busking and playing the fire out of their songs. It was OCMS. They had their cases open for donations, and I mean they were tearing it up. Their sound then and still to this day hits you in the face but makes you smile at the same time. I recall they had a homemade cardboard sign in front of them that said, "Plays the banjo  like a monkey eats peanuts." Over the years, I've gotten to see them several times and am so glad that they have grown in acclaim and that more and more people are aware of what an awesome band and group of people they are. 

The summer of 2015 I took my 3 year old son to see OCMS open for the Avett Brothers at Starlight Theater in Kansas City.  He already loved listening to music but he was blown away to experience it live in an outdoor venue.  I'll never forget him looking up at me with a face of astonishment as he tried to understand what he was witnessing.  Not knowing the nature of national acts and touring, the next day he was disappointed to learn that those bands aren't in Kansas City everyday for repeat performances.  Luckily it won't be our last time enjoying a show together.

I saw them in Papillion, Nebraska at an outdoor venue on a beautiful night.  Even though the crowd was very odd - many acted as though they had never been to a concert before and kept going up to the stage to take selfies in front of the stage - the guys gave an awesome performance, as usual.  The highlight of the night was their a capella version of the song "Barrett's Privateers".  They sang their hearts out and were having a blast.  I hung on every word and am hoping that someday they'll release their live version of this song as a b-side or something.  If you've never heard their version of the song, I strongly urge you to look it up.  You won't be disappointed!

Good morning.  I've never seen OCMS but have listened to them on Sirius Outlaw radio and read stories about them in/on ND.  I've always been struck by how meaningful their songs are and I can only imagine how delightful the OCMS's "Blonde On Blonde" version of this Bob Dylan classic will be.  As a 71 year old from Grand Chute, Wisconsin, I never tire of listening to great music and hopefully this will be no exception.  Thank you. 

I saw OCMS at the Woodland Park Zoo a few summers ago. Great show!!


Their whole career, discography and live shows are filled with memroable moments. I have seen them live a few times, and how they put in the effort into their shows night after night astounds me. My favourite gig was probably the last show I saw them at here in Dublin, far be it for OCMS to just play a show, punch in the numbers and stick to their setlist, they played an Irish ballad called the Foggy Dew - well known in Ireland but I would have imagined not so well known beyond these shores, and they nailed it! Video is below. Their near acapella version of The Warden is shiver inducing too. I think Barney Hoskins said about The Band - 'they had so much talent they should have been illegal'. Well in my opinion this applies to OCMS too! Extraordinary talent! Cant wait to see and hear them again.



That was truly excellent!!!  I've not heard that tune before but it is just an excellent version and am not surprised that the crowd loved it in Dublin so much.  When my wife and I were in Dublin a few years ago we heard the "High Kings" and there was a song they did that was very similar to this one.  Anyway, I hope we both win the signed copies of the album.  By the way, we had a great time in Ireland.  People were friendly, prices were reasonable, and there were a lot of things to do! Just a beautiful place.  Chuck Bongers, Appleton, Wisconsin

Thanks Chuck! It's a great version, and it blew me away that OCMS would even know of the song, let alone know it word for word!

Glad you enjoyed your visit, and hopefully the weather was good for you, it can be unpredictable at times - it'd be a great little country if you could put a roof on it as we say!

I recently had a surprise 60th Birthday party for my wife of 37 years and we hired a local bluegrass trio to play. The showstopper of the evening was the song Wagon Wheel. That song got every one to the dance floor. It made me think about the impact a single song can have on a music genre. It is certainly a classic covered by many bluegrass bands today. My hope is that it will open more ears to the wonder that is the Old Crow Medicine Show and the rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary music that they have gifted their fans!

Who all won this album? Just heard their version of Visions of Johanna, it is absolutely fantastic!


Thanks for selecting me as the winner!  The album arrived from Sony Nashville yesterday.  Loving it!!

Just last week our band (www.finnegansawake.band) played a special event and performed OCMS's "Ain't it Enough." As usual, it was very well received.  It's the kind of song we need right now more than ever.