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  • How do I blog for ND?

    First, you have to sign up (click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner of your screen). Once you’re signed up and logged in, click on “Post(the black button in the top navigation bar). Select what kind of content you'd like to add, then fill out the form that takes you to. You can write your article/review/interview directly into that form, but we do recommend that paste it in from some other place where you have a saved copy. (Just so you know, you cannot upload a document and have it appear as a blog post.) Once you’re done, click “save,” and -- voila! -- your piece will be live!

  • How do I get my band's album reviewed on ND?

    Here’s how you can submit your music for possible review:

    1) Login to the site or become a user.

    2) Go to our Post menu item (upper right) and click on Release (http://www.nodepression.com/node/add/new-release).

    3) Add your info and (preferably) include a track for immediate listening. You can also add a link to more info/tracks.

    4) Email the link to the finished Release to help@nodepression.com and in the subject line, include the genre of the music (Americana, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, folk etc).

    At this point, our community manager Isa will submit the release to our reviewers. Please keep in mind that even if we are not able to accommodate you with a review, your release is now up on No Depression for others to discover. Note that we do not have a general address for submitting physical media. But if a reviewer agrees to take on your release for review, you may be able to send them a physical copy at a later date.

  • How do I promote my band on ND?

    There are a few options. You can purchase ad space – it’s actually pretty affordable. (Email sonja at nodepression dot com for ad rates and other info.) Or, you can join the site and start writing about the music you love. We don’t allow overtly self-promotional posts, but we do welcome posts from bands who have a story to tell. Artists from all over the map, style-wise, have written for ND, including Chris Funk, Jim Lauderdale, Jolie Holland, and Shane Tutmarc. Check out their posts by searching for them and contact our editor (kim at nodepression dot com) with any other questions about what works here, for artist-written content.

  • Can I advertise myself, my services, event, or band in a post?

    Technically you can, but we'll probably delete it.  Because so many people come to this site searching for reviews, recommendations, and commentary, we try to keep the site free of items that are just show listings or links or that look like advertorials. There are so many artists, venues, festivals, radio DJs, and publicists as members of the site that if everyone posted only links or self-promotional posts, we would become overrun with that kind of post and it would drive away many of the readers we have who are looking for more than that. 

    We respect and appreciate our advertisers' willingness to continue to support No Depression, and we would be more than happy to send you information about advertising on this site (email advertising at nodepression dot com).

    We also welcome your band, business, or other entity to participate in the community by posting content, discussing other people's posts in the comments, or sharing your photos, music, and videos. You're welcome to create a member page that links to your website or other places where people can hear your music. But, if we see you've created a post to advertise your goods or services, we'll have to delete it.

  • How do I get my blog featured on the homepage?

    This is like the old joke: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!” Seriously, though, the posts that are featured are the very best posts. There’s no secret trick to getting something you’ve posted featured. But, even if it doesn’t get featured, it will still live on and people who like your posts enough to comment or follow you will receive notification every time you post. People will still be able to find it and read it, share it on their social media, and comment on your posts. Not getting something on the homepage doesn’t mean it’s lost. We just can’t feature everything that’s posted.

  • How do I contact [member name]?

    We do not give out contact information for the people who post on this site. If you’d like to contact someone whose posts you’ve read here, click on their name at the top of their post(s) and then follow the prompts to “Contact.” (You must be signed in to do this.)

  • How do I pitch a cover story?

    Cover stories run 3,000-5,000 words and cover a wide range of topics, from artist profiles to in-depth essays, music history, cultural trends, and so on. If you have an idea for a cover story you’d like to write for No Depression, pitch it to our editor via email (kim at nodepression dot com). Include clips or links to pieces you’ve published before.

  • I've written a review for another publication. Can I repost it here?

    You are more than welcome to post reviews on this site that have already been posted on your personal blog or with another publication (providing that other publication is okay with you reprinting it here). For the sake of making this a smooth and easy experience for our readers, we ask that cross-posted blogs be posted in full here rather than an excerpt with a link, or just a link and no text. So that this site doesn’t come to look like a message board full of random links to other sites, we will delete any posts that are just a brief excerpt and a link to another site. If you do/are able to cross-post something you’ve written in full, please feel free to add a line at the bottom of the post that says "Originally written for [NAME OF PUBLICATION]", with a link to that publication or blog. We’d like to share the love and let people know that there’s more to this community than just what happens on this website.

  • Can I access this site from my phone?

    Yes. Not only can you read all the great articles from your phone, but you can also upload photo and video direct to the site from your phone or tablet. Just click on “Post” and follow the prompts for uploading photo or video.

  • Where did all my music go? Can I post music on this site?

    Due to various legal issues and other complications, we decided to forego allowing music file uploads on this site. For these same reasons, we did not move any music from the old ND website onto the newly redesigned site in August of 2014. Luckily, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Vimeo make it very easy to embed live and recorded music into your posts on this site. 

    To embed a Soundcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo player into your post, click on the icon at the top of the text editor that looks like a video camera or a musical note. This will pop up a window where you can paste a URL from these services. 

  • Can I edit the HTML on my post?

    No. We do not allow users to edit the HTML on this site. If the layout of your post is broken, please let us know at help@nodepression.com, and we will work with you to get it fixed.

  • I'm having trouble logging in. What am I doing wrong?

    As of Aug. 8, 2014, we migrated all existing ND accounts onto this site. If you were a member of the old ND and would like to log into this redesigned site, your username should be the same but you will need to create a new password if you want to post, comment, or participate in the community. When you arrive for the first time, click on “Log In” in the upper right corner, and then click on “Request New Password.” Follow the prompts to reset your password. Unless you forget your new password, you should only need to do this once. If you have any trouble at all accessing your account, please contact help@nodepression.com

  • How do I include images in my article/review/interview post?

    Main Image: This is the lead image with the piece -- it's what will show up in the blurb that leads people to read your full post, meaning it's the image that accompanies the intro text from your post wherever it appears in any listing on the site, including the homepage. Even though it shows up as a separate entity in the post editor tool, when you preview or publish, it'll sit inline with the text, aligned left, at the top of your post, just under the headline. 

    All Other Images: Due to storage, site organization, and a few other factors, you cannot currently upload an image from your computer into the body of your post (except for the main image). You can, however, embed other images into your post from elsewhere on the web, providing that the image URL ends in .jpg, .png, or .gif and the photo can be accessed publicly. (There are exceptions to every rule, but this is true for almost every single photo you might want to embed.) 

    To embed an image from elsewhere on the web: Click on the button at the top of the post editor that looks like a small camera. Simply paste the image URL into the box that pops up. Choose whether you want the image to align right, left, or take up the full width of the text field. Then click "OK". 

    Note that, if you want to move the photo or media once it's been embedded, you will need to delete what you embedded and re-embed it where you want it to go. 

    You can embed an image you've uploaded as a No Depression photo: Once your photo has been uploaded to No Depression (under the Post to ND menu), you'll see a field below the photo that gives you the photo "embed code" (an URL) to paste into your post as described above. 

    We urge you to respect intellectual property rights and best practices by uploading and embedding only photos that you have permission to use. Record labels, artists' websites and publicity links are the best places to get press-approved images. Wherever possible, credit the photographer at the end of the post. 

  • How do I receive email notifications if I want to follow a post?

    Simply comment on a post and you will receive an email notification when anyone else comments. If you'd like to follow a contributor or column post without commenting, click on the "Follow" button at the top of the post/column.

  • Can I add a single as a Release?

    No. At this time, our Releases area is meant for full albums or EPs containing a collection of songs. However, if you have a single track that is part of an album release in the very near future, you may add it to your release post even if the album is not yet available. Just be sure to add all the proper information (title, artist info etc) and include the pending release date. Once the album is released, be sure to go back and add any link or other information that wasn't available before.

  • How do I become an ND Roots correspondent or get a venue signed up?

    ND Roots pairs writers across the globe with music venues in their community. We've created this special space on No Depression so that we can be sure the best live music at the best venues in all the best Americana/roots music scenes gets covered. If you're interested in becoming an ND Roots correspondent, email our editor (kim at nodepression dot com) with writing samples and an idea about the venue with which you'd like to be connected. 

    Writers: Apply to be a No Depression correspondent here.
    Correspondents are paired with a top venue in their town and commit to writing four reviews per month in exchange for access to shows at the ND Roots venue.

    Venue managers: Apply to be an ND Roots venue here. (Login required. Please create an account.)
    We want to partner with top Americana venues for the ND Roots program. ND Roots venues are prominently featured on the site and become an integral part of the ND community.

    Here's how it works: If your venue is selected, we'll pair you up with a music writer in your town. In exchange for access to four shows a month, he or she commits to writing four reviews a month for publication in No Depression. You'll get a dedicated page on No Depression for your venue, which you can customize, and which will feature all your ND Roots reviews and venue information. (Here's an example.)

    Fans: Contact us to suggest a venue. We love your ideas!

  • Is the No Depression Journal available for purchase on this website?

    Yes! Please see the orange box labeled “In Print” on the top right of any page or at store.nodepression.com.  You can either buy a subscription or single issues. We accept major credit cards, Paypal and Amazon Payments. If you have any difficulty with your order, please email help@nodepression.com.

  • Where can I find forum discussions? Is it possible to add a new forum discussion?

    You are welcome to engage in discussion around any piece of content on this site, in their attached content threads. There is no longer a type of content called "forum discussion" and, therefore, no way to start a new discussion aside from writing an article, review, interview, etc. Forum discussions created between 2009-2015 still exist at their URLs. You may find them either through your bookmarks or when someone comments on them. (If you have ever commented on a discussion, you are automatically following it and will receive notification when there's a new comment.)

  • How do I stop receiving email notifications on a post I have commented on or followed?

    The instructions to unfollow something will be in the email you receive. However, you can simply go to your “My Page” and click on the “Following” tab and click “unfollow” on any post or contributor.

  • Some content I posted on the old site is missing or broken. What should I do?

    If there's a problem with any of your old content, please contact help@nodepression.com.

  • Can I post reviews I'm getting paid by someone else to write?

    We do not allow any content that has been paid for by a marketing or PR firm, for placement on websites, as that is advertorial content. Reviews and other articles are welcome only if they have been written exclusively for this website or if they were written for another publication whose editor has granted permission. 

    Any organization or group who has collected money from an artist in order to create a review or article may not post that review or article here, as it is our view that this constitutes promotional material and creates a conflict of interest. If we discover any reviews or articles have been posted this way, they will be deleted.