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All in Your Head

Erin Costelo - Sweet Marie

Erin Costelo is a throwback, a songwriter that brings to mind the "golden age" of music. The 10-song collection was recorded in 10 days in a timber-frame home on the ocean in Little Harbour, Nova Scotia. The album was brought to life in January amidst Canadian winter storms and the pounding surf of the East Coast. Produced by Costelo, Sweet Marie finds the native Nova Scotian looking at a world and an industry that pushed her to the edge of ending her musical career – and finds her pushing back. Pulsing with a confident and cathartic energy, her incredible voice, drawing comparisons to such icons as Nina Simone and Carole King, soars even as her songs dive deep. Although she wears many influences on her sleeve, Costelo is unquestionably herself, a singular artist of maturity and importance, a maverick, not influenced by trend, fashion, or industry standards. Sweet Marie is out now on Compass Records

From Erin: We shot this live video for "All in Your Head" while on tour with the band in Toronto. It was recorded live off the floor at Baldwin St. Sound, (one of my favorite studios) and filmed by Southern Souls. 

ArtistErin Costelo