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Dance Around the Room with Me

Ana Egge - White Tiger

"Being a mother and getting to know the ends of my patience and understanding the importance of modeling good behavior has brought me to some messy and creative places. Encouraging my daughter to experience her feelings when they come up so that she's not afraid of them makes me, necessarily, need to practice the same thing. I think it's true what they say about our fear of a feeling being much worse than the feeling itself. When I'm really feeling something, I know who I am and I am in the moment. I am alive. Why not dance through it together?"
– Ana Egge

Ana Egge - vocals, nylon string guitar
Anais Mitchell -vocals
Alex Hargreaves -violin
Adam Moss – viola
Buck Meek - electric guitar
Robin MacMillan – drums
Jacob Silver - bass
Alec Spiegelman – harmony vocals, bass clarinet, drum programming, synthesizer

ArtistAna Egge