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Slowly Speeding

Kim Lenz - Slowly Speeding

Rockabilly goddess Kim Lenz offers the title track from her upcoming album Slowly Speeding, “a slightly off-kilter waltz for a slightly off-kilter love affair.” Lenz is gearing up to release Slowly Speeding, her fifth album, on Feb. 22, 2019. Lenz is a songwriter, performer, bandleader, engineer, and producer who pores over every nuance of her music to ensure maximum potency. The 10 songs on Slowly Speeding brim with growling vocals, clever turns of phrase, and heightened musicianship that services both the songs and the emotional intent behind them. As the first song written for the project, “Slowly Speeding” sets the pace for what follows — a gauzy, Western Gothic gaze into the heart of a woman who has abandoned her walls and inhibitions so that this deep, dark love might overtake her.

ArtistKim Lenz