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We Are One

Ana Egge - We Are One

In September of 2017, Ana Egge met up with songwriter Gary Nicholson in Nashville, TN, and wrote “We Are One.” They felt the need to examine those occasions, whether it be eclipse or calamity, when, in wonder or distress, we come together. Especially now, at a time when our country is so divided. These are moments to be cherished, as the song states, when “you look into a stranger’s eyes, and see yourself looking back” and recognize “all our differences are nothing in the face of love.”

Over the course of the last 20 years, singer-songwriter Ana Egge has been acclaimed for her work as a songwriter and musician. Co-writer Gary Nicholson has been recognized by both the Nashville and Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame, and has had his songs recorded by Willie Nelson, Robert Plant, and many others.

ArtistAna Egge