Violins and Fiddles: Roots Music Reigns at Boston’s Conservatories

Roots can dig deep and spread wide, but first they need solid ground. Luckily, the old marshes of Boston – with their old English name, the fens – have been steadily filled in since the 1600s, so that only a relatively small ribbon of the old wetlands remains. The name survives most prominently in Fenway Park, what John Updike so beautifully calls that “lyric little bandbox of a ballpark,” the home of the Boston Red Sox.

JJ Grey & Mofro's “Ol’ Glory” Is a New Gem

This review has taken me a long time to write. Not that I haven’t had the words in my head. Not that I am struggling to express myself. Not that I can’t think of good things to say. It’s just this: I haven’t been able to stop playing Ol’ Glory by JJ Grey &...

New Music from Whitehorse and Steve Earle

Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge Unburned Baby what’s wrong I’m afraid to ask you Tell me what did I do? That is the plaintive refrain of the opening track of Leave No Bridge Unburned, a call and response between Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, the married couple who consitute...


Yarn ~ "When The Summer Ends", Craig Young, February 6, 2015

Yarn "When The Summer Ends"

Lera Lynn ~ "Refrain", Craig Young, January 30, 2015

Lera Lynn - "Refrain"

John Nemeth ~ "Country Boy", Craig Young, January 30, 2015

John Nemeth "Country Boy"

Hiss Golden Messenger ~ "Blue Country Mystic", Craig Young, February 18, 2015


Nashville Jam ~ "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms", Craig Young, February 6, 2015

Nashville Jam "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms"

Neil Young - "Long May You Run", Kim Ruehl, February 26, 2015

Neil Young - Long May You Run (unplugged)

Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two ~ "Give My Love To Rose", Craig Young, February 26, 2015

Give My Love To Rose - Johnny Cash - Live TV performance 1957

Rhiannon Giddens ~ "Black Is The Color", Craig Young, February 26, 2015

Rhiannon Giddens - "Black Is The Color" (Live at WFUV)

Austin McCutchen ~ "California Bound", Craig Young, February 2, 2015

AUSTIN MCCUTCHEN - "California Bound" (Live in West Hollywood, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

The Rural Alberta Advantage ~ "Terrified", Craig Young, January 28, 2015

The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Terrified" (Live)