Hannah Aldridge: “If I'm Not Willing to Go Out on a Limb, Why Bother Writing?"

Very interesting Cara, another fine interview/article.

Loooking on Hannah's web-site and her tour dates it doesn't look like she's anwhere near me in the North East of England. Shame, maybe next time when she is doing the Maverick Festival.

Jack - thank you! I know what you mean though, I would like to see her live. But, as you say, she is playing the Maverick Festival in July so hopefully that is a goer for you?

it is/was a very short tour and the JHC in Newcastle is/was chock-a-block the week dates were offered; so I am travelling to Liverpool Town to see her on your behalf Jack. :) 

Well, thank you Mr. Harrison, I shall look forward to your review.

sorry, my fault for pressing "Submit" twice