Larkin Poe: 'Co-Writing with Edgar Allan Poe Would be a Drag on the Band’s Happy Levels'

Artist Larkin PoeThe Lovell Sisters
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Very impressive interview - top marks 10/10

Hey Alan - thank you! I appreciate that.

Pretty, young, southern descendents of Poe? Hmm, Atlanta isn't too far away.

Hhmmm.. and there's me thinking you're in this for the music ...

I've read many interviews with one of my favorite bands in the last few months. This one is the best so far.

Thank you David. I appreciate that coming from someone who obviously follows the band. Researching this was fascinating. Their answers totally absorbed me. All they have to do now is come over to Belfast!

Excellent interview.

That compliment comes from a huge fan of Larkin Poe, ever since their appearance at Merelefest, just as the "Spring" EP came out. I listened to "Spring " 8 times on the 10 hour drive home. Enchanting. Their sound has definately changed. Edgier, bit more rock n roll, lot's more electric instrumentation.  And they are still big in Norway! Hope they get as big here.

Looking forard to hearing the new full length.

Daniel, sorry for the delay in getting back to you - and thank you. I appreciate that coming from a fan. Their music really does seem to be on the move. I just wonder what next. If the Atlanta bands they are listenign to have any sort of influence we have 100 Watt Horse seeming folky/world musicy, and Little Tybee  all lovely indie soul, for example. The sisters seem capable, and ready to try their hand at anything.

Cara...I am a bit ashamed to say I hadn't heard Larkin Poe...I try to stay up with all of the music that is out there, but you just can't...the interview is wonderful and the stuff you posted is great...I love it...great musicianship, lyrics, songs...what more do you want?  Thanks!   Buying some right now!

Jim! Please excuse my tardy response. I know exactly what you mean, there really is just too much out there (which is a better class of problem though, isn't it.) They were new to me. I spent quite a while researching this.

I really appreciate your kind words. In regard to the videos I posted, it would be hard to find stuff that isn't great to be honest. All that musicianship etc., shines through. I hope you are enjoying your new purchases, and thanks for taking the time to let me know. C.