The Nature of Soul: An Interview with Frazey Ford

Nice interview.  Nice recording.  I want it and am sad to have to wait for more than a month.

Frazee's voice comes through very well in this track.  I'd like to put the whole album in a playlist with Dr. John's recent release.  Be a dynamite combination for a good sitdown and listen.

Ooh, good thinking. I haven't listened to that new Dr. John disc yet, but sounds like I need to get on that.

Nice interview!  Looking forward to hearing the album.  Love those Al Green albums.

I knew there was no point in me going anywhere near this one! All you. (And QZ!)

Couldn't find a way to work into my intro that Frazey could just sing "la la la" on middle C and QZ would be happy.

Great interview, Kim!  Blue Streak Mama" from Obadiah showed what a great soul voice Frazey has. So looking forward to the album. 

We know now that the songs migrated beautifully to live performances.  Everyone in the band really did their homework. I'm glad to say Indian Ocean was the album I played the most in 2014, despite it's late release date.  I don't see much changing in 2015.