Ryan Bingham: "It Can Mean The World When Someone Takes A Moment To Listen To You.”

Thank you Cara,.  Good interview. I especiallly liked his point about listening which you used for the headling title.  it's true.  Listening is a lost art....even among music fans. It's essential to healing in addiction, however. It can save our lives.  take care!

Cheers Terry. 100% agree with you.

I really like the songs; but Mr. Binham's voice is so dreadful!! I can hardly understand why he is touring europe and being supported by the great Sons Of Bill instead of the other way around!

Hahahaa now that made me laugh. I can get where you are coming from about his voice, plenty of people just don't like that raspy, lived-in sound. I am one of the people who do though I must confess. As for Sons Of Bill - genius choice for the tour. It will be a superb gig in Dublin. I would say they're in the right order, but those Sons are on their way up, and who knows what the future holds. Thanks for the feedback, and the laugh.

Yeah....I understand how that may appear strange.....but, if you've ever grown used to the sound of Tom Waits voice, everybody sounds less raspy than him!  But, I love the sound of his raspy's all subjective when comes to songwriters.  I once saw Townes Van Zandt at McCabe's Guitar Store in Santa Monica, not long before his death. He did the entire show with a weakened voice, sometimes off-key, but I felt blessed to be there.