Stash! Band Video Proclaims "The Internet's My Brain - Without It I Am Nothing"

He is a man of few words, but one of many ideas, and a flurry of notes!

Stash Wyslouch, known to Bluegrass aficionados for his tenure in the super-group Molsky's Mountain Drifters and The Deadly Gentlemen, is a bandleader in his own right fronting the aptly named Stash! Band. Their sophomore release, The Faucet of Love effectively opens the value into the multifaceted mindset of Mr. Wyslouch.

For the record, the Stash! Band combines the talents of drummer / trumpeter / vocalist Sean Trischka, Fiddler Duncan Wickel, and bassist Noam Wiesenberg.

Says Stash, “all the people in the group are bandleaders on their own…and the all have great arrangement ideas all the time. That’s why the album is credited as ‘arranged by the Stash! Band’ for that reason. They all had input, and even if it was only one small dynamic thing, it makes a big difference. A lot of what we did was ‘cutting out’ - the songs are thoroughly sketched out - but they’d come’ in and out’ based on what they thought worked best. You know, ‘what not to play’ is just as important as ‘what to play!’’

Despite the fact that we live in world of streams and free downloads, Stash still believes in the power of the long-player: “I like to hear a volume of work. When I buy music I look for the box set! Unfortunately I do not think it’s commercially relevant any more. This record is the product of who I am…and who I am is somebody who likes to devour whole pieces of an artist, not just individual tracks at a time! However, I think it’s relevant culturally, even if it’s not immediately relevant commercially and consumer-ly right now!”

Among the choice eighteen cuts on Faucet… is a Frank Zappa meets Bob Dylan diatribe "The Internet's My Brain (Without It I am Nothing)" which concludes Stash's song-cycle. I think of it as Stash’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” as waxed by The Mothers of Invention.   

Immortalized with a video collage of vintage high-tech images, this track exemplifies Mr. Wyslouch's work ethic: "I dare you to turn on commercial radio, or access a ‘new music’ playlist on any of the streaming services and experience that sensation of discovery. If you don’t genre hop you’re living in a total box! There’s so much information available, there’s so much going on in the world! I find it impossible that you could not be influenced by more than one thing, one region, one genre. “

The Stash! Band - The Faucet of Love is out now.

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