Willie Watson: Gearing Up for "Folk Singer Vol. 2"


More than a year and a half later, we are still waiting for word about Vol. 2. Sigh.

I adore Gil and Dave and am a huge fan of all their recordings, but their slow production times and the lack of vinyl formats seems to be a bad business recipe.


Nice article Cara...I've seen him solo once and with Old Crow a couple of times...I loved the solo gig, and he does the songs justice...I guess Volume 2 will get here when it does...

Apologies. I didn't know you had commented. Vol 2 is here, hurrah! Hopefully that makes up for the wait Arick. Hope you're well Jim.

Yes!   It has come out, I think we probably thought "well there's a million folk songs so Volume 2 should be out straight away, shouldn't take more than a week or two"

On a personal note... I'm doing great are well across the pond I hope?