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After Jack’s Home-town Fancy

After Jack on November 13, 2015

Mary Allison of After Jack /photo by Mayor Steve Angle

On November 13th Rocky Mount, VA's Harvester Performing Art’s Center had a full house for After Jack’s performance.  The vibrant Americana-folk trio now hails from Franklin County, VA., each originally from small towns in the Appalachian Mountains.  The Harvester was packed for a couple reasons.  One is because it was a close home-town gig for these talented women, and the other is because they have an outstanding stage presence and voices to die for. Providing a hot night of music for their fans and producing it with seamless grace, these ladies put on a top-notch show. Fantastic sound and lights executed by the Harvester only added to the audience members’ experience.

The venue was perfect and I think it's safe to say we all felt we were part of a very special night thanks to the band's exuberant, welcoming style. Who doesn't want to feel at home and welcome? The sincerity in Emily and Mary's stories, with their very different delivery styles, intertwined with the whole show’s synergistic, syncopated and buoyant musical prowess. It held everyone at peak attention throughout the show. Rachael was simply on fire, giving everyone the groove that would come from a full ensemble herself as she drew from her array of instruments holding the rhythm and driving beat all the while.

From their heartfelt original songs and old time folk favorites to the classic harmonic cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen, After Jack flat out killed it! Whether it was a fairy tale effect, or alive with humor, the group made the night as solid as the best of seasoned old-time performers or today’s hippest mainstream pop stars.

During the excitement of the evening the band announced the news of their plan to record their second album this winter. Mountain Fever Studios in Willis, VA, will again
house the project with Aaron Ramsey and Mark Hodges as producers. The crowd was ecstatic to hear this news.

At the end of the night, the soul stirring gospel number “It Is Well With My Soul” worked wonders as answer to the well-deserved standing ovation they received at closing.  The song rounded out the feeling of the night with a palpable reverence. It left us with a fine, “Farewell, until next time, we’ll surely be back again soon” sensation.

It was well worth the winding drive to get to the show that night. After Jack paved the way to a high time. Not surprising, nearly the entire audience lined up after the concert for the CD signing for their current album “Echo:” Keep your eye out for After Jack’s next release on Travianna Records in the spring! It’s sure to be incredible. For more go to: and www.

by Melody Cochran

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After Jack, (right to left) Mary, Rachel and Emily. Photo by