Live Review

Akron Sound Remains Strong With Sarah & Jayson Benn

Shivering Timbers at Music Box Supper Club on February 28, 2015

I will have to check this group out...some of the covers they do really have my interest piqued, when I was a kid there was a lot of Les Paul and Mary ford on the family stereo...enjoyed the review Jay.

Thanks Jim ... very much appreciate your comments.  I'll be featuring one local/indie artist every month as part of the ND Roots postings.  We're lucky to have a wealth of diverse talent performing original songs around town and the new Music Box Supper Club has been a great friend to these musicians since opening in August of 2014. 

I know you and I have conversed about Over The Rhine before, who are now building a Barn on their property as a talent/concert  venue also (I intend to be a contributor)...Indeed, you do have some diverse talent...glad there is an outlet and venue for such talented folks.