Live Review

Amy Speace Is That Kind of Artist

Amy Speace at Red Clay Music Foundry on March 27, 2015

Well done Jim...a nice article/review on a fine singer..."That Kind of Girl" is a really good record.

Thanks for your kind words, Jim. Amy is a truly gifted artist. Great show. If you ever get a chance to see her live show, by all means go.

(the other) Jim

Actually, I have seen her a couple of times...solo as an opener at the Indy Acoustic Cafe series, and once with Thomm Jutz as a multi-instrumentalist...she is a wonderful artist, and I really think "That Kind of Girl" is her best recording yet, and I was happy to participate in the Crowdfund for that, so I have had it for about a month now...I was glad to see you spotlight her here...she is deserving...