Live Review

Broadway Bob: Dylan at the Beacon Theatre, New York, 2014

Bob Dylan on

Well, damn, Anne Margaret, you certainly can write.  Sounds like Bob can still pick a little, too.

Paul, thank you.  Praise from you much appreciated.  And yes, Bob knows what he's up ever.

De nada...Good to know he's in good form, and, judging from your eloquent account, is also in a good frame of mind, something which can seem difficulty to assess for this exceedingly complex character. He continues to surprise, which, come to think of it, is how he got to us in the beginning. You did him justice, never an easy task...

As fine an understanding of the man and his art as I've ever read.

Thank you so much.

Thanks Anne Margaret for a fantastic review. I'm not too much younger than Dylan and have seen a couple of his concerts in the last couple of decades and loved them but I can no longer afford the good seats to make attending worthwhile so this was a nice peek at what I'm missing. But I was wondering, since "The Basement Tapes-Complete" has been recently released is the master slipping any songs from it into his shows these days? I'n not talking about classics like "I Shall be Released" or "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" but lesser known ones like "Million Dollar Bash" and "Tiny Montgomery." Just wondering...

Glad you enjoyed reading.  On this past tour, no Basement Tapes slipping in -- but hey, wait 'til next year.  Set lists are available for the shows at on the "Tour" page....

Very cool write-up, Anne Margaret. I like your point about the looseness of his band. I'd agree. They may come off as a tightly knit well-rehearsed unit, but it seems like Dylan is giving them a bit more freedom to roam here, which is nice. Thanks for the insight into the evening. I just left NYC a few months ago and definitely would have been in the audience for at least one of these nights. 

Thanks, Jeff.  Glad you liked.