Live Review

Cleveland Boys Honor Gram Parsons

New Soft Shoe at Music Box Supper Club on June 11, 2015

Was honored to co-produce with Brent a Gram Parons InterNational 10 X 3 Cleveland couple years ago. Was truly an honor for me (and an added honor to meet Jay Minkin). I have yet to get the boys down to Nashville, perhaps this year. (After all, the trip's is a lot easier than to Waycross;  just add the 200 extra miles from Buffalo and you get the trip I make every year.) How 'bout it Brent et al.? At any rate, I have yet to get to the Happy Dog for a second Thursday, but definitely on my bucket list. These guys have made Gram Parsons a Cleveland institution.

Thanks Will ... your spirit was definitely with us that evening. Appreciate the kind words and I think a Gram International event in Nashville would be great exposure for the boys. Now if we can only get the suit from the Country Music HOF loaned out ...

I'm workin on putting the body in it Jay, but yeah, we should smash and grab.

I'm gonna have to make it to one of those...