Live Review

Graham Nash Still Matters

with Shane Fontayne at The Birchmere on July 21, 2016

Shane Fontayne and Graham Nash, Bluesfest Byron Bay, Easter 2016

Shane Fontayne is so good. Jackson Browne enlisted him at Bluesfest, so his band included both Shane and Greg Liesz. That was a blast.


That sounds like a great show for sure!

Jackson has played with Shane here and there over the years...I saw him at an oudoor show in Atlanta with Mark Cohn opening, and Shane played with both of them...and all 3 did a couple of songs together...great show...

And Greg Leisz and Jackson's other guitar player, Val McCallum, are both tremendous...

Sounds like a great show Steve!

I'm pleased to see this posting has garnered no anti-Nash vitriol for I know a lot of people consider him lightweight but I've always liked him especially his solo work which contains some really excellent songs. Some of his contributions to C.S. & N. have been less than steller but overall I consider him a great artist.


Me too...he's been the mouthpiece of the band, and has come off as more than a bit of a know it all about that because both Stills and Crosby have damaged memory during certain phases...overall, he's got some fine songs...he doesn't have Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Wooden Ships...not many people do...